The Growing Importance Of Drug Testing And Analysis

Today, technology and modern medicine have created a tremendous range of new techniques that help individuals as well as companies and large organizations. One perfect example of this is drug testing and analysis. Thanks to reduced costs, faster turnaround times, and much greater accuracy in screening, drug testing has become a major part of life in this country.

While many people may never have to concern themselves with drug testing and analysis, others will end up having to take drug tests for a variety of different reasons. It’s not just companies, either. Even individuals may need to take a drug test on their own from time to time. As such, the market for drug screenings has grown tremendously over the last few years.

It’s still worth understanding just why this field has become so commonplace and so important. The main reasons that drug testing and analysis is used so frequently include:

  • Employment – This is the obvious reason. Employers are using drug testing more and more frequently to ensure that the employees they hire are competent, trustworthy professionals.
  • Contracts – Similar to employment, people who sign contracts with clients may have to show that they are sober. This applies particular to those in fields like the transportation or shipping industries.
  • Insurance – Insurance scams are common. Drug testing is usually used to ensure that an accident wasn’t caused by drug use.
  • Court Issues – Whether it’s a divorce or child custody case or court-ordered probation testing, there are some instances where a court may order someone to complete a drug test.

Those are common situations that call for drug testing, but what about the long-term benefits that it offers? Consider some of them to see why drug testing and analysis is becoming so vital to so many people:

  • Improved productivity
  • Better bottom lines for companies
  • Increased safety for workers, coworkers, and others
  • Proof that drugs aren’t impacting the lives of those around individuals
  • And more

In short, substance abuse prevention efforts and drug testing affect organizations, individuals, and even communities in positive ways. It’s worth understanding more about it in order to ensure that you take the right steps where it is concerned, no matter your situation. Check on or update your company drug free workplace policy.

The Growing Importance Of Drug Testing And Analysis
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