Things to Consider in Your Workplace Drug Testing Policy

In 1988, the Drug-Free Workplace Act was passed for all businesses working with the Federal Government or federal contracts. Since then, a Drug-Free Workplace has become a popular idea for employers in many different industries and thousands of those employers have reached out to National Drug Screening for help. We are one of the nation’s leaders in drug screening and we can help your business develop a policy that works for you. Here is what you need to know about implementing a Drug-Free Workplace policy»


  • Compliance with state and federal laws.
  • Qualifies your business for insurance discounts, rebates and other monetary incentives.
  • It’s proven to lower absenteeism, accidents, injuries, tardiness and other productivity issues.
  • Helps your employees see you in a positive light because this is a way to show them that you have their best interest at heart.
  • In the end it lowers risk and increases productivity which is music to your ears as a business owner.

Key Components

  • A Written Policy- Your company’s policy needs to be outlined and given to each employee during the pre-employment phase. Companies who fail to do this could be subject to compliance issues.
  • Employee Education- A Drug-Free Workplace is for your employee’s benefit, it’s not there to be a burden. It makes the workplace safer, more productive and it improves the overall environment.
  • Supervisor Training- One of the most important components of this policy is supervisor training. Unfortunately, drug tests have a difficult time catching people who take drugs like cocaine and heroin because they exit your system quickly. An attentive supervisor is going to weed out those employees for you.
  • Employee Assistance Program- These programs are yet another tool for your employees to use to stay off drugs and stay healthy. They provide a variety of different mental health benefits.
  • Drug Testing- The last component is of course the physical testing of employees. We will handle the chain of custody and all of the compliance so you can sit back and worry about your business.

Employers needing drug testing programs and drug free workplace programs need look no further. Contact National Drug Screening for a free consultative session regarding implementing a drug free workplace program in your business. There is no obligation, learn the benefits of a drug free workplace program and the return on investment.

To schedule consultation, call 866-843-4545 or click around on our website!

Things to Consider in Your Workplace Drug Testing Policy
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