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At National drug screening, we are very well known for managing random testing programs and compliance with both federal and state programs.

One of the things people sometimes do not realize though is we do a lot of management for individual random testing programs, such as court order testing, probation testing, child custody types of situations, as well as several other reasons such as parents testing their children.

Managing an individual random program is something that can be done typically by a third party such as National Drug Screening, who is able to make the random selections, maintain records, provide reports, and track the testing to ensure it was done on whatever schedule is required.

There are certain programs, such as probation or court-ordered testing, that have very specific parameters that must be followed. If you are already in a random testing program, are you being directed to be randomly tested, or considering testing for your children, reach out to NDS and we can answer your questions and explain the process and expectations to manage it correctly and effectively.

If you are required to undergo random testing for a state program, you’re very likely going to need to have documentation of when you were notified, when you actually went for the collection, the results of the test, and confirmation it was reviewed by a medical review officer and the specimen tested was a valid specimen.

If it’s for court testing, you have very specific guidelines and that is not something you want to mess up because that could have severe repercussions.

It may be required for a child custody situation and visitation rights. There may be stipulations by the court order that would prevent them from seeing their child if they do not comply with random testing and pass each test. So there are some very significant things that can happen for random testing for individuals.

You can also order testing initiate a program by contacting our team and remember everything that you talk to us about is going to be private as we are not sharing your information with anybody else unless directed to by the courts. At NDS, we respect your privacy and we work to help make sure whatever services we provide, we do to the best of our ability and with best practices in mind.

Random Drug Testing Services For Individuals | National Drug Screening
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