Is It Still Worth Drug Testing Michigan Employees?

Few things have changed the landscape of America in the same way that drug laws have. And over the last few years, those laws are changing – particularly where marijuana is concerned. Simply put, legal weed is starting to sweep the nation and Michigan is one of the most recent adopters of legalized marijuana use.

But while residents are technically free to puff away now, what does that mean for employers who need to regulate their employees and maintain a safe workplace? Is it even legal for them to test for marijuana as part of the prescreening process or can they still use random drug testing on employees to keep them clean?

There are a few basic things to think about here, but the easy answer is that it’s still well worth using drug testing for your employees. Here are some of the key points to consider.

  • First of all, under Michigan law, employers have the right to restrict marijuana use. In short, employers have the right to conduct pre-employment drug tests as well as to use random drug testing – and they can have a zero-tolerance policy if they choose.
  • Employers can discipline or fire an employee for breaking marijuana policies. Unlike some states that have made it so that employers can only discipline if the drug is used on the job, Michigan employers have far more rights. Using random drug testing also allows you to test for additional drugs beyond just marijuana, and 10-panel drug screenings can make sure that you keep a clean work environment.
  • Drug screening reduces turnover, increases safety on the job, improves productivity, and more. Simply put, when you have a clean workplace, you have a better one.

With that in mind, it is important to note that a zero THC tolerance policy could end up making it more difficult to find some employees – with Michigan allowing marijuana use, the number of users has increased and as such employers may have more trouble locating the best candidates for the job.

Additionally, you’ll need to create a clear, detailed drug testing policy that all employees will be made aware of. This way, they can see exactly what is expected and understand the repercussions. It’s ultimately up to each employer if they want to drug test Michigan employees

Is It Still Worth Drug Testing Michigan Employees?
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