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We have drug testing centers available throughout the state of Michigan. Mandated drug testing may be a requirement for state, federal, and local government agencies. People employed in private and public sectors may be required to participate in random drug testing. National Drug Screening performs various types of drug testing for business and personal purposes. Click here to find an immediate testing location in your area.

National Drug Screening offers the best drug testing solutions for job, work, school, and legal testing, including, alcohol, ETG, and drug testing. National Drug Screening services work side by side with experienced SAMHSA certified laboratories, medical review officers and MRO assistants. The possibility of false positives is practically nonexistent. All tests are accurate, complete, personal, and confidential. Drug test results are transmitted online to our clients, a secure web portal is available.

Ordering a drug test in Michigan is easy and affordable. Just call now: 866-843-4545 or Order Online. Drug testing is available for both employers and individuals.

All testing is completed using a compatible web-based software service that is accessible from any remote location. Agencies that rely on true and accurate testing information, can appreciate software that delivers accurate results every time. Having the right software can help businesses to operate more effectively and cut back on unnecessary spending. When the right software is implemented in the workplace, drug and alcohol test ordering is made simple. Most drug testing today is done with electronic ordering and an electronic custody and control form (eCCF) eliminating the need for the traditional five part custody and control form – paperless drug testing.

National Drug Screening offers supportive and prompt testing, for companies that need to drug test their employees. We also perform DOT consortium drug test services for agencies, organizations, and businesses that rely on the safety of employees covered under Department of Transportation regulations (DOT). Our state-of-the-art drug testing solutions offer fast turnaround with accurate drug test results. Our services help DOT regulated companies stay in compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations.

At National Drug Screening, we test urine for traces of popular and non-popular drugs, including prescription and over the counter medication. Urinalysis testing is the most requested test, hair drug testing is also available. We utilize drug testing centers located throughout Michigan. Many of the drug testing centers, we use are near job sites, and main highways, which makes it more convenient for employees and employers to schedule their appointment, without missing a day of work.

Michigan has a state drug testing law. Employers may be able to deny a workers’ compensation claim when an injured employer tests positive on the post-accident drug or alcohol test. MCL §418.305 – “If the employee is injured by reason of his intentional and willful misconduct, he shall not receive compensation under the provisions of this act.” It is important to include in your written drug free workplace policy that testing positive for drugs or refusing a required drug test is willful misconduct.

When DOT accidents occur, most insurance companies, Federal authorities and employers want to know one fact; was the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol? For DOT covered employers accidents meeting certain DOT agency requirement must initiate a post accident drug test.

Companies with a random drug testing program in place can use urine or hair testing to sort out potential drug users and abusers. Courts recommend ETG alcohol testing for individuals who have demonstrated having a problem with substance abuse.

Michigan has a medical marijuana law. Employers are advised that if you don’t already have one, get your hands on a solid written policy for a drug and alcohol-free workplace. The Michigan Court of Appeals, on Oct. 23rd, 2014; issued a key decision for employers maintaining drug-free workplace policies. The court, in a 3-0 decision, held that, although claimants testing positive for marijuana would ordinarily be disqualified for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits under the law, the same does not hold true for employees using marijuana under the Michigan medical marijuana act (MMMA). Currently, Michigan employers are in a no-win situation: either accommodate medical marijuana users and jeopardize workplace safety or discharge those employees and pay their UI benefits and, subsequently, higher UI taxes.


At National Drug Screening, we offer companies the opportunity to establish their own drug-free workplace program. Our consultative services are used to provide employee education, supervisor training, and employee assistance. If you need assistance in creating a drug free workplace policy, check out our free white paper on creating your Drug Screening Policy.

Our Michigan drug testing centers offer immediate testing for legal cases, probation drug test requirement, and family law cases. Alcohol and drug testing is only a phone call away. Results are available through electronic means, and we use reputable collection site and on-site reporting labs that are well-known in the medical industry. These are the same labs that government agencies utilize for their employee testing.

Drug test, hair drug test, alcohol test, ETG – drug testing and alcohol testing all available in Michigan

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