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We have drug testing centers available through the state of Michigan. Mandated drug testing is a requirement for state, federal, and local government agencies. People employed in private and public sectors are required to participate in random drug testing. National drug screening services perform various types of testing for business and personal purposes. National drug screening offers the best on-site solutions for job, work, school, and legal testing, including DNA, alcohol, etg, drug, and paternity testing. National drug screening services work side by side with 4 experienced medical review officers and 12 MRO assistants. The possibility of false-positive is practically nonexistent. All tests are accurate, complete, personal, and confidential. They are sent directly to our clients via mail, email, or fax.

All testing is completed using a compatible web-based software service that is accessible from any remote location. Agencies that rely on true and accurate testing information, can appreciate software that delivers accurate results every time. Having the right software can help businesses to operate more effectively and cut back on unnecessary spending. When the right software is implemented in the workplace, drug and alcohol test scheduling is made simple. There is no chance of scheduling overlapping appointments, which often lead to havoc and confusion.

Immediate drug testing results are forwarded to prospective companies and individuals the same day. National drug screening offers supportive and prompt testing, for companies that need to test their drivers. We perform dot consortium drug test services for agencies, organizations and businesses that rely on the safety of licensed drivers. Our state- of- the- art drug testing solutions can locate the tiniest trace of residue drug and alcohol left behind. For this reason, we offer more than one form of alcohol and drug testing. We offer a 5 panel hair test that can detect drug use, after three to five days after usage.

At National Drug Screening, we test urine for traces of popular and non-popular drugs, including prescription and over the counter medication. Urinalysis testing is a federally approved, mandated tests, and it is the most requested tests. We utilize drug testing centers located throughout the united states. Many of the drug testing centers, we use are near job sites, and main highways, which makes it more convenient for employees and employers to schedule their appointment, without missing a day of work.

Michigan has a state drug testing law.  Employers may be able to deny a workers compensation claim when an injured employer tests positive on the post-accident drug or alcohol test. MCL §418.305 – “if the employee is injured by reason of his intentional and willful misconduct, he shall not receive compensation under the provisions of this act.”

When dot accidents occur, most insurance companies and employers want to know one fact; was the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Companies with a random drug testing program in place, can use the urine or hair testing to sort out potential drug users and abusers. Courts recommend ETG alcohol testing to individuals who have demonstrated having a problem with substance abuse.

Michigan has a medical marijuana law.  Employers are advised that if you don’t already have one, get your hands on a solid written policy for drug and alcohol-free workplace.  The Michigan court of appeals, on oct. 23rd, 2014; issued a key decision for employers maintaining drug-free workplace policies. The court, in a 3-0 decision, held that, although claimants testing positive for marijuana would ordinarily be disqualified for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits under the law, the same does not hold true for employees using marijuana under the Michigan medical marijuana act (MMMA). Currently, Michigan employers are in a no-win situation: either accommodate medical marijuana users and jeopardize workplace safety or discharge those employees and pay their ui benefits and, subsequently, higher UI taxes. No other state that has authorized the use of medical marijuana requires this type of accommodation by employers.

National Drug Screening testing services offer more than 12 testing services. These services test body fluids from the mouth and urine, in addition to testing the breath for the presence of alcohol. Companies that need an immediate test result, can utilize the after-hours testing services. We work directly with businesses that have a strict zero-tolerance, drug-free workplace setting. Drug and alcohol monitoring greatly reduces the risk of accidents, while helping employers avoid legal repercussions. Businesses that initiate a drug-free workplace program may be able to obtain a discount on their workers’ compensation insurance.

At National Drug Screening, we offer companies the opportunity to establish their own drug free workplace program. Our consultative services are used to provide employee education, supervisor training, and employee assistance.

Drug testing centers offer immediate testing for legal cases, probation drug test requirement, and family law cases. Alcohol and drug testing is only a phone call away. Results are available through electronic means, and we use reputable collection and on-site reporting labs that are well known in the medical industry. These are the same labs that government agencies utilize for their employee testing.

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Testing locations in Michigan

Location Address
A 2Nd Chance Drug & Alcohol Testing Howell 200 S Highlander Way, Howell, Michigan 48843
A Chance to Change Drug & Alc Testing- 302 N State St, Caro, Michigan 48723
A Chance to Change Drug & Alcoh Testin 110 E Huron Avenue, Bad Axe, Michigan 48413
A Chance to Change Drug &Alcohol Testi 38 S Elk St, Sandusky, Michigan 48471
Advance Urgent Care-Ann Arbor-Advance 1785 W Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103
Advance Urgent Care-Brighton-Advance U 1021 Karl Greimel Dr, Brighton, Michigan 48116
Advanced Drug Testing, LLC-Advanced Dr 10823 N Straits Hwy, Cheboygan, Michigan 49721
Advanced Occupational Medicine 3125 W Main St, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006
Advanced Occupational Specialist 2305 Genoa Business Park Dr, Brighton, Michigan 48114
Advanced Safety Training &Amp; Drug Testing, Llc 128 South Huron Street, Cheboygan, Michigan 49721
AFC Urgent Care – Grand Rapids-AFC Urg 1740 28Th St Se, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508
All Access Care PLLC-All Access Care P 329 N Jebavy Dr, Ludington, Michigan 49431
All Cities Occ Med Saint Joseph 3333 S State St, Saint Joseph, Michigan 49085
Allegan Occupational Health Allegan 555 Linn Street, Allegan, Michigan 49010
Allegan Occupational Health-Allegan Oc 555 Linn St, Allegan, Michigan 49010
Allegiance Occupational Health-W.A. Fo 1 S JACKansasON SQ, JACKansasON, Michigan 49201
ALPENA EXPRESS CARE & FAMILY PRACTICE- 109 S 13th Ave, Alpena, Michigan 49707
Alpena General Hospital,ER 1501 W Chisholm St, Alpena, Michigan 49707
Alpha Screening – Westland 2096 S. Wayne Road, Westland, Michigan 48186
Alpha Screening -Alpha Screening 2066 S Wayne Rd, Westland, Michigan 48186
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