Hair Drug Testing is Becoming More Popular

Hair drug testing is becoming more popular for employers everywhere due to it’s unique ability to extend the drug detection window. This window gives you the option to eliminate certain applicants and current employees who might have gotten past the traditional drug screening methods. These results are nearly impossible to tamper with, they are longer lasting, and they bring us one step closer to achieving a Drug-Free Workplace. Here are three reasons why hair drug testing has started to gain popularity in our industry»

Longer Detection Periods
While urine and oral testing are the most popular methods, hair testing is actually the most effective. It can detect a pattern of drug use over the course of a 90 day period prior to the sample being taken. This method can test for all of the same substances as traditional drug screening and it can pick out users at a higher rate. While urine testing is great for post-accident and reasonable suspicion screening, hair testing is becoming more popular for employers during the pre-employment phase.

Difficult to Doctor
Much like an oral examination, a collector has to be in the room with a subject to get the sample for this screening. This type of direct observation is not always permitted in a urine screening setting– making these results more difficult to doctor. In addition, users can’t hydrate or cleanse their hair to hide marijuana use the way they sometimes can during a urine test. For this reason, hair testing is starting to become a preferred method for employers all across the nation.

Fast Results
The speed of the results is important for an employer, especially in the pre-employment phase when they are weighing multiple candidates. But in this industry, speed is the name of the game and nobody is faster than our facilities. We typically have negative results back to you in 24 hours and for positive results, it could take up to 72 hours due to required confirmatory testing.

As is the case with urine panel testing, hair testing can also detect a number of different substances present in someone’s system. We offer multiple options for you to choose from and if this is the best option for your business, you should get started as soon as possible.

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Hair Drug Testing is Becoming More Popular
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