Drug Testing In The Workplace: Why You Should Test Employees

Surely, there are some people out there that haven’t been impacted by America’s opioid crisis. Most of the time, it would probably be quite challenging for someone to find somebody that hadn’t experienced a little something or another from the situation, though. It is hard to pinpoint the exact date of when the mess started. However, one of the most renowned theories revolves around doctors prescribing the medications in the 1990s, like they were going out of style.

The medicines were great for alleviating pain, and doctors prescribed them as if they were going out of style. Unfortunately, the medications also carried a high risk for abuse. As such, many people are still trying to deal with the aftermath today. Opioid overdoses take lives every day. According to NBC News, approximately 78 episodes occur daily. Plus, the person they were referencing, Dr. Vivek Murthy, wrote that 20.8 million people have a substance use disorder. However, a mere 10-percent actually receive treatment.

Workers Are Not Immune To The Threat

During the pre-screening process, drug testing can be performed to ensure that candidates aren’t currently abusing prescriptions that aren’t prescribed to them. If the results come back positive, the employer may want to avoid hiring the subject. Why? Well, it is not uncommon for opiate abuse and stealing to go hand in hand. For instance, should an individual run out of money, he or she may swipe some bills from the cash register to purchase the drugs and get their fix.

Additionally, companies can benefit by having random drug testing. Drugs, including those prescribed by a doctor, can be bad for business. They can alter an employee’s behavior and attitude. In turn, arguments and even physical altercations may break out from time to time when the pills, tablets, liquids, or whatever are part of the equation. If someone sustains injuries during the episode, the business might have to pay them restitution. So, if for nothing else, bosses should think about introducing a drug-free workplace initiative to keep these situations at bay.

Perhaps, the most important why employers need to go with random drug testing expanded for opiates is that the action could help save a life. As mentioned earlier, overdoses involving these substances happen at an alarming rate in the United States. With that being said, bosses that wish to look out for the best interests of their workers, might want to consider going this route.

Drug Testing In The Workplace: Why You Should Test Employees
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