VIDEO: Drug Testing for Medical Professionals

When people enroll in school medical programs such as nursing school, physical therapy, and physician’s assistant programs, drug testing is typically required. Testing may be conducted as part of the program enrollment and subsequently prior to certain internships, practicums, clinicals, or residency programs.

These programs often provide students with greater access to a variety of drugs whether it is working with patients who have prescriptions or an onsite pharmacy. Many schools set up a program to allow the students to have one place to contact to get their drug testing completed at collection sites across the Country.

Your particular school will typically provide you with the resources or contact information to set up your drug test including where you should go for the collection. Many of the schools work directly with National Drug Screening for their testing but if your school does not provide you direction for getting your testing completed, simply call 866-843-4545 and the NDS team will assist you with getting your testing set up and results sent out to you or your school depending o your instructions.

Every different school has different testing requirements depending on what they are doing and what type of program it is. There are also some variables such as who’s Paying for the testing as some school programs are going to pay for everything and for others, the students are going to be paying for that testing.

What you do not want to do is wait till the last minute and then have your internship or your program delayed because you weren’t able to get the type of testing done that you needed. To find out more about drug testing and your specific requirements, make sure you visit us at You can click on the search and find anything to do with medical professional testing, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, or nursing drug testing.

Drug Testing Services for Medical Jobs and Nursing Schools
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