Coast Guard Drug Testing Compliance – Part 5

Coast Guard Drug Testing Compliance - Part 5

Last updated on October 6th, 2020 at 01:30 pm

Coast Guard Requirements for Drug & Alcohol Testing

Operating a Sport Fishing Charter Boat and Events That Have Happened – Part 5

Drug Test for Captains License

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Whew, operating a sport fishing boat for charter is a lot of work but there is pleasure in it this business.  Some of the advantages are no suit, shirt or tie, just blue jeans, t-shirts and work shoes and can wear a baseball cap.  I can also wear sunglasses on the job.  I am the Vessel Master and in charge.  However with that comes some awesome responsibilities.  For instance I am responsible for the following:

  • The safe passage of the passengers is first and foremost.
  • The safe operation of the vessel in accordance with USCG regulations.
  • Having a crew that is qualified to work in safety sensitive positions as outlined in the definition for Operation stated in 46 CFR part 16.  Within that definition the following duties are included:
    • Navigate, steer, direct, manage, or sail a vessel, or to control, monitor, or maintain the vessel’s main or auxiliary equipment or systems. Operation includes:
      • Determining the vessel’s position, piloting, directing the vessel along a desired trackline, keeping account of the vessel’s progress through the water, ordering or executing changes in course, rudder position, or speed, and maintaining a lookout;
      • Controlling, operating, monitoring, maintaining, or testing: the vessel’s propulsion and steering systems; electric power generators; bilge, ballast, fire, and cargo pumps; deck machinery including winches, windlasses, and lifting equipment; lifesaving equipment and appliances; firefighting systems and equipment; and navigation and communication equipment; and
      • Mooring, anchoring, and line handling; loading or discharging of cargo or fuel; assembling or disassembling of tows; and maintaining the vessel’s stability and watertight integrity.

I, along with the alternate Captain plus the deckhands are knowledgeable in their respective duties and responsibilities.  It looks like I have a smooth and efficient running vessel.  The vessel is 85 ft. in length with a galley and dining space with a cook who makes good tasting cheeseburgers and other short order food items.  The vessel also has some staterooms for the overnight trips.  There is also a salt water distiller to make fresh water.  In addition there are bait tanks for live bait that are flushed with continuously running sea water.

I have done a couple of day trips now where we went after yellow fin tuna and did some close inshore fishing going after kelp bass.   These trips have been highly successful with all the passengers catching their limits and having fun.  The kelp bass go around 3-6 pounds and are very good tasting.  The fishermen have to be careful as sometimes these kelp bass can dive into the kelp frond tangling the line, making them harder to catch.  The yellow fin tuna, weighing between 15 to 20 pounds gives the fishermen a fight before they are finally landed, although some of them break free and go back into the deep blue sea.  The deckhands have been very skilled in assisting the passenger in landing their catch.  It can get very difficult when a large number of passengers have “fish-on” at the same time and going up and down the decks trying to land their catch.  It is very entertaining and fun to watch all of this activity.

The next few trips will be further off-shore where we will go after the larger blue fin tuna and a very serious event happens.

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All drug tests for Coast Guard credentials include specimen collection, lab testing, confirmation testing, Medical Review Officer (MRO) and form CG-719P for Periodic Testing