Clinics and Mobile Collectors Setting Up Drug Testing Accounts – FAQ’s

National Drug Screening (NDS) works with clinics, collection sites and mobile collectors to assist with setting up Lab and MRO services. Once the lab accounts are set up the MRO reviewed results are sent to the clinic, collection site or mobile collector via e-mail.  An online web portal is also available to access all results. Here are the frequently asked questions we typically receive:

What Do I Do After I Get the Lab Accounts?

About five to seven days after your account set-up is in process, you will receive custody and control forms (CCF) for both DOT and Non-DOT drug test collections.  The forms will come directly from the Lab. These are the forms that you use to perform your drug test collections.  If you don’t know how to fill out these forms, you need urine specimen collection training.  For DOT urine specimen collections, urine specimen collector training is required if you have not completed this training qualification in the last five years.  DOT specimen collector training is available at:

If you take the course for DOT urine specimen collections, you will also gain the knowledge for conducting Non-DOT urine specimen collections.

So now you have your lab accounts with MRO service to offer to individuals (walk-ins) and to employers who need drug testing for their employees that don’t already have a lab account of their own.  If your customers have their own lab account and CCF form, you can do the collection only using the employers form and charge a fee for the collection only.

How Do I Do Electronic Collections?

You need a software application connected to a laboratory in order to perform electronic collections. Most collection facilities use FormFox. To get set up with FormFox you would contact FormFox directly to get their software and set up training for your facility. You can use this form to submit your clinic information directly to FormFox – Download FormFox Set Up Form. National Drug Screening (NDS) does not set you up for FormFox; the relationship is between you and FormFox. If you need assistance filling out the form or have questions, please contact FormFox directly at (877) 376-3691. 

How Do I Learn More About The Drug Testing Business?

Our best resource to help you learn more about the drug testing business is our Business Support PortalLearn More about our Business Support Portal to Help and Support Drug Testing Providers and Collection Sites.

Other resources to help you learn and grow your business include:

NDS Training and Consulting Webinars 

Computer Based Remote Online Trainings

Industry Associations – You should get involved 

Comprehensive Training and Consulting Program – Platinum Package

Check out: The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Mobile Drug Testing Collection Business; this can help Clinics and Mobile Collectors jump start their drug testing business. 

Additional programs including our Marketing Consulting Package and Two Hour TPA Consulting Package, you can call Tom Fulmer or Joe Reilly for more information on these.

Does NDS Send Us Customers?

No, not typically. If we have a customer in your area that needs a walk in collection or mobile collection service, we may refer them to you. We can also list you in our collection site database – Join Our Drug & Alcohol Testing Collector Network. Also, once enrolled with FormFox you will be listed in their collection site database.

What Should I Charge?

More detailed information can be obtained when utilizing any of our consulting packages. Generally, about $15.00 – $20.00 for a specimen collection only and about $50.00 – $60.00 for the DOT drug test panel or standard 5 panel drug test when you are also providing the Lab and MRO service. Research what your local competitors are charging to get some ideas, you don’t want to be the cheapest and don’t want to be the most expensive – charge a fair competitive price.

How Do I Get Paid?

Before providing any services, determine who is responsible for payment. For all on demand services we recommend that you collect payment immediately with credit card.  Some customers might be asking you for ongoing services, in that case keep a credit card on file and provide these customers with a monthly invoice and charge their credit card as you provide the invoice.

Can I Train Collectors To Work For Me?

First you need to be a trained and qualified collector.  Once you have that qualification you can take our Train the Trainer course and upon completion you can train others. Train The Trainer – DOT Specimen Collector

How Do I Get Business?

Lots of moving parts here but the simple answer is you need to market yourself and market your business.  We can assist with our training and consulting packages.  Start here with 15 Critical Steps For Marketing Your Drug Testing Business 

What Other Services Can I Offer?

You can offer all types of drug and alcohol testing services.  You can also offer DNA Paternity testing, Fingerprinting Services and Background Check Services. Many clinics offer clinical testing, blood draws, physical exams and other types of occupational health services. Our marketing consulting programs can assist you.

Why am I not showing up in the collection site list?

NDS is not sure which collection site list you are referring to.  We list you in our collection site database on our web site, go to – Join Our Drug & Alcohol Testing Collector Network. Also, once enrolled with FormFox you will be in their collection site database. The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Mobile Drug Testing Collection Business can also provide you with detailed information to join other TPA networks to get collection business.

How Do I Add Customers To My Account?

You have requested a clinic or mobile collector lab account, DOT and/or Non-DOT. This is a single account for all your customers, we call this a House Account.. In order to add customers to your lab accounts you will need access to full service TPA drug testing software. You can call Tom Fulmer or Joe Reilly to discuss our full service TPA Reseller Program and we will send you information and costs.

Where Do I Send The Collections?

It will depend on the lab account/CCF form that you used for the collection but typically you are sending specimen to CRL or LabCorp If you do not have shipping supplies to send specimens to the Lab, please order with your lab account # from our Customer Support Team: 

Customer Support: 844.276.6641 | Fax: 888.441.7071 |

What service should I be offering to make the most profit?

For the most profit, we recommend mobile drug test collections 24/7. If you are not offering mobile drug testing, you should start with DOT testing and Non-DOT Testing (5 and 10 panel). There are many other services your clinic may want to offer. At NDS we are here to help you with all things drug testing.

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