California PUC Drivers & Drug Testing

California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has stated that their mandatory controlled substance and alcohol testing program will not be affected by new California law (AB 2188) which restricts employers from testing for marijuana using urine or hair. Marijuana testing in the PUC program will continue and shall be consistent with DOT 49 Part 40 regulations or DOT Like requiring urine testing for marijuana and other drugs.

Many drivers in California are required to have drug testing prior to the issuance of their permit or certificate.  The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) goes beyond the Federal DOT FMCSA regulations for drug testing of drivers.

There are two types of for-hire passenger carrier licenses that are issued by the PUC which have the drug test requirement.  These are the PSC and the TCP.  The PSC provides service to the general public on an individual-fare basis including scheduled service, airport shuttle or other door to door service.  TCP charters include vehicles rented on a prearranged basis for use by a group like a party bus or limousine.  Also included are round-trip sightseeing services.


All passenger stage and charter-party applicants who propose to employ drivers who will operate vehicles having a seating capacity of 15 persons or less, including the driver, must comply with the Commission’s controlled substance and alcohol testing certification program requirements.

A test for one applicant shall be accepted as meeting the same requirement for any other applicant. Any negative test result shall be accepted for one year as meeting any requirement for periodic testing for that applicant or any other applicant, if the driver has not tested positive subsequent to a negative result. However, an earlier negative result shall not be accepted as meeting the pre-employment testing requirement for any subsequent employment, or any testing requirements under the program other than periodic testing.

National Drug Screening has a turnkey program for drivers needing this required drug testing and drug free workplace program.

With our program we will report the drug test result and the list of our services as required to the CPUC.  Everything you need for compliance is included.   Call 866-843-4545 for your PUC compliant drug testing program.  You can also order online: California PUC Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

The package includes: Pre-employment Drug Test, Enrollment into Random Testing Consortium, Enrollment Certificate, MRO Certified Testing Results, Employee Education, List of Services Required by PUC, Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy.

California PUC Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Services & Outline for (15 persons or fewer, including the driver)

Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing Certification Program

DOT Like Program Includes:

  • A written company policy – your customized Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy.  Policies written by national workplace drug testing expert – Joe Reilly
  • Educational materials
  • Supervisor training –
  • Administration of the client’s initial pre-employment testing
  • Administration of the client’s random testing program
  • Post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return to duty and follow up drug testing
  • Administration of the client’s Employee Assistance Program
  • SAMHSA Certified Laboratories – Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp
  • 24/7Mobile Collections with Trained Certified Collectors and Breath alcohol Technicians
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Audit assistance

Compliance with all requirements are set forth in Public Utilities Commission Resolutions TL-18716 and TL-18760.

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California PUC Drivers & Drug Testing
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