California PUC Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

This package is designed for companies with under 8 drivers regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CA PUC). The package includes: Pre-employment Drug Test, Enrollment into Random Testing Consortium, Enrollment Certificate, MRO Certified Testing Results, Employee Education, List of Services Required by PUC, Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy. This package has great value at $188.00 per driver and annual renewal at only $130.00 per driver per year. The package includes the pre-employment test and all random testing fees. Supervisors must also have Supervisor Training which is an extra fee, call 866-843-4545 for Supervisor Training For companies with 8 or more drivers, call 866-843-4545 for discounts. All orders will be confirmed with a phone call. Call 866-843-454 for discounts of $58.00 per driver if you already have the pre-employment tests completed.

The program substantially complies with the Public Utilities Commission’s alcohol and controlled substance testing program requirements, including General Orders 157 & 158, Resolutions TL-18716 and TL-18760, and Parts 40 & 382 of Title 49 CFR. (CAPUCDRIVER)

Price: $188.00(each)