California PUC Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing Program

This package is designed for companies with under 8 drivers regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CA PUC). The package includes: Pre-employment Drug Test, Enrollment into Random Testing Consortium, Enrollment Certificate, MRO Certified Testing Results, Employee Education, List of Services Required by PUC, Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy. This package has great value as it includes the pre-employment test and all random testing fees. Supervisors must also have Supervisor Training which is an extra fee, call 866-843-4545 for Supervisor Training For companies with 8 or more drivers, call 866-843-4545 for discounts. All orders will be confirmed with a phone call. If you already have the pre-employment tests completed, call 866-843-454 for discounted enrollment pricing.

The fee is per driver. The $209.00 fee includes $69.00 for pre-employment test and $140.00 for annual random consortium which includes all random tests.  Annual renewal is $140.00 per driver.

The program substantially complies with the Public Utilities Commission’s alcohol and controlled substance testing program requirements, including General Orders 157 & 158, Resolutions TL-18716 and TL-18760, and Parts 40 & 382 of Title 49 CFR. (CAPUCDRIVER)

California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has stated that their mandatory controlled substance and alcohol testing program will not be affected by the new California law (AB 2188) which restricts employers from testing for marijuana using urine or hair. Marijuana testing in the PUC program will continue and shall be consistent with DOT 49 Part 40 regulations or DOT Like requiring urine testing for marijuana and other drugs.

Price: $209.00(each)

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