Drug Testing in Pennsylvania

Drug testing and alcohol testing in Pennsylvania

Immediate drug and alcohol testing is available to individuals in Pennsylvania in need of a drug test. Negative drug test results are generally available within one business day. Our national drug testing centers are open throughout Pennsylvania. Testing is available for a variety of drugs including tricyclic antidepressants, barbiturates (like sleeping pills) amphetamines (like speed) methamphetamines (like ecstasy) methadone, opiates (like morphine) cocaine, and benzodiazepines. If you need a drug test today, call right away 866-843-4345.

Collection site: a facility where specimens are collected. This could be the employer’s place of business. Typically this is a brick-and-mortar facility, it could be a TPA office, a medical facility, a hospital, an occupational health clinic, a walk-in clinic, a doctor’s office – any type of business that might have a setup and employ collectors to collect specimens. Major laboratories such as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp operate brick-and-mortar facilities that employ collectors to collect specimens; these are commonly referred to as patient service centers (PSCs). Other laboratories have contracts with occupational health clinics, walk-in clinics, doctor’s offices, and other facilities that operate brick-and-mortar facilities to collect specimens. National Drug Screening has drug testing available at collection sites in all areas of Pennsylvania.

The state of Pennsylvania has no law directly addressing/limiting workplace testing. Therefore common law principles and general drug test standards of practice apply. In Pennsylvania, it is a crime to attempt to cheat on a drug test including adulteration or substitution.

Furnishing drug-free urine 18 pa. Code § 7509 (1997) (a) unlawful sale or attempt – a person commits a misdemeanor of the third degree if he offers for sale, sells, causes to be sold, or gives drug-free urine for the purpose of or with the intent or knowledge that the urine will be used for evading or causing deceitful results in a test for the presence of drugs. (b) use or attempt – a person commits a misdemeanor of the third degree if he uses or attempts to use drug-free urine as provided in subsection (a) for the purpose of evading or causing deceitful results in a test for the presence of drugs. “Handicap or disability” defined 43 pa. Code § 954(p.1)(3) (Supp. 2006) (p.1) the term “handicap or disability,” with respect to a person, means (1) a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more of such person’s major life activities; (2) a record of having such an impairment; or (3) being regarded as having such an impairment, but such term does not include current, illegal use of or addiction to a controlled substance, as defined in section 102 of the controlled substances act (public law 91-513, 21 u.s.c. § 802) employers in Pennsylvania can save money with a drug-free workplace program. Drug-free Pennsylvania and the state workers’ insurance fund (“swif”) have a program that provides a discount to swif’s insured companies having a total premium and assessment of $20,000 and over that enroll in drug-free Pennsylvania’s “drugs don’t work here” program. The program is completely voluntary, and your company could realize up to a 5% one-time schedule premium credit, after policy expiration. Drug-free Pennsylvania (DFPA) is a statewide non-profit organization that provides businesses with cost-effective drug-free workplace systems, such as drug testing, policy development, and relevant training seminars. Dfpa is dedicated to delivering innovative anti-drug media campaigns to raise awareness, change behaviors, and inspire action to prevent substance abuse. Drug-free Pennsylvania’s drug-free workplace solutions offer a program that provides employers with affordable drug-free workplace programs that include policy development, supervisor and employee training, drug testing, and EAP services.

National Drug Screening Offers Drug-free workplace programs for employers in all areas of Pennsylvania. Drug testing centers are available in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster, Scranton, Centralia, Erie, York, Bethlehem, Reading, State College, Gettysburg, Wilkes-barre, West Chester, New Hope, Doylestown, Easton, Altoona, Knoebels Amusement Resort, Johnstown, Jim Thorpe, Hazleton, Stroudsburg, Norristown, Chambersburg, Washington, Greensburg, Bryn Mawr, Pottstown, Lititz, Phoenixville, Bloomsburg, Malvern, Coatesville, Bensalem Township, Media, East Stroudsburg, Downingtown, Pottsville, Lansdale, Wayne, New Castle, Gettysburg Battlefield, Indiana, Conshohocken, Chester, Grove City, Langhorne, And Punxsutawney

Besides having to comply with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) rules for drug and alcohol testing, transportation employers are subject to unique transportation laws. CDL testing 75 pa. Code §§ 1611 to 1614 § 1611 disqualification (a) disqualification for first violation of certain offenses.–upon receipt of a report of conviction, the department shall, in addition to any other penalties imposed under this title, disqualify any person from driving a commercial motor vehicle or school vehicle for a period of one year for the first violation of:

(1) section 3802 (relating to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance) or former section 3731, where the person was a commercial driver at the time the violation occurred;

(2) section 3742 (relating to accidents involving death or personal injury), where the person was a commercial driver at the time the violation occurred;

(3) section 3743 (relating to accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property), where the person was a commercial driver at the time the violation occurred;

(4) section 3745 (relating to accidents involving damage to unattended vehicle or property), where the person was a commercial driver at the time the violation occurred;

(5) any felony in the commission of which a court determines a motor vehicle was essentially involved and where the person was a commercial driver at the time the violation occurred, except as described in subsection (e);

(6) section 1606(c) (relating to requirement for commercial driver’s license), while their driving privilege is suspended, revoked, canceled or recalled or while subject to disqualification or in violation of an out-of-service order; or

(7) any offense wherein the person caused the death of a person as a result of a motor vehicle accident through the negligent operation of a commercial motor vehicle, including, but not limited to, a violation of 18 pa.c.s. § 2504 (relating to involuntary manslaughter) or a violation of section 3732 (relating to homicide by vehicle). (b) disqualification for offense while carrying hazardous materials.— for the complete statute visit this website: http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/vehicle_code/chapter16.pdf National Drug Screening (NDS) offers MRO services for Pennsylvania employers and third-party administrators (TPA’s) of drug testing programs.

This is a new type of MRO service to the drug testing industry, NDS offers MRO services along with a robust technology platform to manage the drug testing process. This a great product for TPA’s looking for an all-in-one service – drug testing software and MRO. Our system offers immediate notification once the MRO receives the drug test results and ongoing status updates to both the TPA and the client.

National Drug Screening services include a web-based reporting system and all results and reports branded with your TPA company logo. Our 4 full-time MROs provide coverage 8 am – 8 pm EST with over 60 years of experience. Full-service MRO and a support system including 12 MRO assistants. The system is web-based – no software to install, no software updates to purchase offering complete visibility, increased efficiency, and complete automated management of all your occupational health screening programs. Eliminate paper for non-DOT and POCT testing with the e-chain and e-POCT processes built into the system.

National Drug Screening (NDS) works with drug testing facilities and drug testing centers across Pennsylvania in many cities including Philadelphia, Allegheny, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Reading, Scranton, and Bethlehem. Our drug testing centers in Pennsylvania offer urine drug testing, steroid testing, ETG alcohol testing, hair drug testing, and oral fluid drug testing. Parents wanting to test teenagers are welcome at our centers and individuals wanting a drug test can get immediate service

For drug testing in Pennsylvania for employers call now: 866-843-4545

For drug testing in Pennsylvania for individuals for immediate testing, call now: 866-843-4545

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