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If you need to order a drug test in Iowa today, just give us a call as immediate service for drug testing and alcohol testing is available. You can order a hair drug test, urine drug test or etg alcohol test and you can get your test ordered today.

Individuals often need a drug test or alcohol test because of a court order, divorce, child custody, or just for their own personal reasons.  National drug screening operates drug testing centers in all areas of Iowa.  You can call now for a drug test in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Iowa City, Sioux City, Waterloo, Council Bluffs, Ames, West Des Moines, Dubuque, Ankeny, Urbandale, Cedar Falls, Marion, Bettendorf, Marshalltown, Clinton, Mason City, Burlington, Fort Dodge and all other cities in Iowa. Our drug testing centers offer drug testing for five-panel drug test, ten-panel drug test, expanded opiates drug testing, hair drug testing, etg alcohol drug testing, and more, just one phone call to order your drug test today.

For employers Iowa law doesn’t require drug testing, nor does it encourage or discourage testing. Each employer must first decide if drug and/or alcohol testing is appropriate for them. Under Iowa law, workplace drug or alcohol testing is optional for private sector employers. Federal laws or regulations governing drug or alcohol testing supersede state law in Iowa.

private sector drug or alcohol testing is optional in Iowa.  however, employers who choose to test can do so only after developing and disseminating a written policy.  national drug screening compliance experts can assist Iowa employers with the development of a comprehensive drug-free workplace policy.

in order to conduct private sector drug or alcohol testing in Iowa, an employer must require supervisors involved with testing to attend a minimum of two (2) hours of initial training and a minimum of one (1) hour of training every year thereafter.

Iowa employers must establish an awareness program, to inform employees about the dangers of drug and alcohol use in the workplace, and comply with the state law requirements.

general drug/alcohol testing questions relating to Iowa “state” law can be answered by the governor’s office of drug control policy – 515-725-0300

alcohol testing in Iowa by employers must be conducted similar to the dot regulations, the positive rate must be a minimum 0.04 for a violation.

employer drug testing in Iowa must be only urine, saliva, breath, and blood; a blood test may only be conducted post-accident when administered by a person providing treatment and not at the request of the employer.

post-accident drug testing in Iowa is very important for the ability to deny a workers compensation insurance claim. well known attorney bill judge says he and his firm defeated a $1.5 million workers’ comp claim in Iowa with little more than a postage stamp. “a guy fell off a roof, and shattered everything, and by all that’s reasonable, he should have been dead,” says the judge. “but he tested positive for cocaine, and he had 0.287 blood alcohol content. everybody in that case—the underwriter, the attorneys—told the employer that we don’t challenge workers’ comp cases, we pay them.

“the employer was a family-owned company, and they called me,” the judge recalls. “they said you have to help us, because if we have to pay this claim, we’re out of business. they had a $350,000 deductible on their insurance policy. so I said to them, let me do some research. and within about an hour of research, I found a case in the supreme court of Iowa that basically said if you’re 0.09 blood alcohol or above, you’re presumed to have caused your own accident. claim is denied. my employee is 0.287, so we figure, we’ve got a shot here!

“so we sent in the obligatory information, saying we’re going to challenge your claim, based on the positive tests, and the guy abandoned his claim,” the judge says. “we not only saved that company $350,000—we saved the company, period. with a stamp! we mailed the notice that we’re going to challenge, and he left! the point is that employers have to understand that if they have complied with the state’s laws regarding drug and alcohol testing, they can think about raising this issue to defeat the claim.”

in most cases of workers’ compensation issues, if you raise the defense of intoxication, you have to prove two things. you have to prove that the worker was intoxicated at the time of the accident, or injury, and you have to prove that the intoxication caused the injury, the judge says. but in 18 states, you don’t have to prove those factors.

“if you’ve got a positive drug or alcohol test, those issues are gone. the guy has to come in and rebut those presumptions, that he is intoxicated. But in some cases, that’s tough to do. This defense of intoxication is a huge tool that employers ought to be using.”

Iowa employers can receive a significant return on investment in drug testing. of course, the drug and alcohol testing must be conducted within guidelines outlined by Iowa law.

Iowa’s drug-testing laws give employers flexibility in testing employees for alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs and permits employers to conduct random drug tests under certain conditions. But employers must follow the letter of the law in their drug-testing programs.

Iowa law requires employers to inform employees and applicants in writing about the company’s drug-testing policies and provide “uniform requirements for what disciplinary or rehabilitative actions an employer shall take” if an employee tests positive for prohibited substances.

Iowa’s drug-testing laws are typical of state drug-testing statutes–with a few exceptions. for example, Iowa employers must deliver positive test results via certified mail. such peculiarities affect employers in virtually every state. Employers risk wrongful discharge claims if their testing programs don’t meet all applicable standards–not just those that seem most pertinent to a given workplace.

Drug testing programs are available for Iowa employers from national drug screening.  If any individual needs a drug test in Iowa, just one phone call and we can get it done for you.  our national drug testing centers are open daily and ready to serve you for your drug testing needs.

Drug testing and alcohol testing in Iowa

For drug testing in Iowa for employers call now: 866-843-4545

For drug testing in Iowa for individuals for immediate testing, call now: 866-843-4545

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