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Drug testing for individuals or for employers always available at all Quest Diagnostics locations in all area of the United States. Order online or call 866-843-4545 to order a drug test today. Fast services and best prices in the Country. Need a drug test today, we are available with same day service – urine, hair and alcohol testing.

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National Drug Screening works closely with Quest Diagnostics to provide a comprehensive range of instant and onsite drug tests, lab testing (urine, oral fluid and hair) and other programs and services. There are many reasons for drug testing, such as post-accident, return to duty, reasonable suspicion, random and pre-employment. Drug screening programs are proven to be highly beneficial to businesses and also promote better health among employees and their families, decreasing the use of medical benefits. They help improve productivity by decreasing accidents, downtime, absenteeism, theft and turnover. The cost of a simple drug test is minimal when compared to the risks that hiring a drug user can present to your workplace. In fact, businesses with drug-free workplace programs can qualify for worker’s compensation insurance premium discounts, and other government incentives through your state.

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing allows you to make informed decisions about potential employees. Abusing drugs can compromise the stability and integrity of your workplace, so pre-employment drug screening is essential in preventing the hiring of people who use drugs. Random drug testing ensures that your current employees remain drug-free. Random drug testing allows an employer to use a random selection process to select one or more employees in the workplace to submit to a drug test. There is also reasonable suspicion drug testing, which can be one of the most challenging aspects of a drug-free workplace program. Some of the indications that may warrant a reasonable suspicion drug test include, but are not limited to: smell of alcohol on the breath or odor on the body, confusion or disorientation, unsteady walking or standing, unusual or erratic behavior, and slurred speech. Including reasonable suspicion drug testing in your drug-free program will help maintain a drug-free workplace by dissuading and detecting the use of drugs and alcohol. A trained supervisor should make the reasonable suspicion determinations that lead to a drug and alcohol test.

National Drug Screening partners with Quest Diagnostics to offer the highest quality drug testing services in the United States with lab testing of urine, oral fluid and hair. Instant or rapid drug testing commonly known as point of collection testing (POCT) is also available at Quest Diagnostics collection facilities throughout the United States. These Quest collection sites are known as patient service centers or PSC’s.

Global Leaders

National Drug Screening understands how critical it is to have simplified access to healthcare services. That is why we work with Quest Diagnostics: a single-source with more than 3,000 laboratory tests at facilities and collection sites across the nation. Clients can quickly access whatever service they may need, even if they have diverse testing requirements or multiple, remote locations. Quest Diagnostics even offers drug testing solutions for expanding global businesses, providing expertise and global access for international drug testing programs. Facilities in the United States, Mexico, India and a lab provider in Australia allows Quest Diagnostics to tailor an international drug testing program to your organization’s specific needs. Results are reliable and fast!

When partnering with Quest Diagnostics, National Drug Screening is partnering with a global leader in the drug testing industry. We understand the need for complete, comprehensive collection services that can flawlessly integrate with your business and meet your specific drug testing needs, and even manage the collection process, including the billing, so that you have one point of contact and only one bill to manage! Flexible testing options include urine, oral fluid, hair testing and instant or point of collection testing (POCT) and collection services. You can customize your program and combine drug testing solutions to meet your needs. Quest Diagnostics has access to an extensive combined network of over 8,000 collection site locations across the nation, which includes more than 1,500 third-party collection sites and more than 1,300 Quest Diagnostics company-owned and operated PSCs (Patient Service Centers), not to mention their additional international drug testing programs and services across the world.

Mobile On-site Collections Service

With Quest Diagnostics mobile on-site collections service, businesses have the option to schedule on-site collections directly at their place of business, making it much easier and more efficient for company employees to provide samples, such as breath alcohol, hair follicle, oral fluid, and urine specimens, for testing. Using Quest Diagnostics’ mobile collection service at your jobsite helps to reduce company travel expenses and improve employee productivity, while simplifying logistics since you and your company will not need to coordinate the drug testing collection process yourself.

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Extensive Network of Collection Locations

Quest Diagnostics extensive network of collection locations allows for 24/7, around the clock access to emergency alcohol and drug collections. Quest’s 24/7 call center guarantees strict adherence to your organization’s drug testing program’s protocols and procedures preceding the collector’s release of the employee. This strict chain of custody procedure drastically reduces employee callbacks and test cancellations, and also helps to ensure the integrity of the samples and drug test results. Quest has more than 6,000 professional collectors from over 200 offices readily available to provide 24/7 collection services.

Obviously, quality control is extremely important with such an extensive network of laboratories and collection sites. Quest Diagnostics holds their team and collection locations to the highest standards of professionalism and quality. Regardless of where a specimen is collected, whether it be at a Quest lab, collection site or your own workplace, Quest Diagnostics consistently utilizes the same standardized processes from sample collection to reporting the results. Quest is constantly testing their own employees and locations to ensure this level of quality is upheld by performing audits of their mobile collection sites and conducting anonymous employee collections monthly at PSCs and other preferred collection sites. These audits and anonymous collections are conducted using professional collectors that are monitored by a trainer who is uniquely positioned to deliver feedback and advice on any corrective action that may be necessary.

Fast, Reliable Results

Quest Diagnostics prides itself on their ability to deliver fast, reliable results which enables organizations to make timely hiring decisions. Specimen testing is executed as soon as the sample arrives at the lab, with any negative results being released within 24 hours. Positive test results will undergo additional testing to confirm the findings and ensure their accuracy, and are usually released within 72 hours from the time the sample is taken. Quest Diagnostics proven legal track record speaks for itself in regards to providing accurate and dependable results for more than 25 years. Now it is even easier to manage your drug testing program with Quest Diagnostics’ eReq online program management system. This integrated reporting online gives businesses the ability to evaluate data and enterprise-wide trends since it gives you visibility across your company’s entire drug testing program.

Quest Diagnostics Lab

National Drug Screening, Inc. prides itself in establishing partnerships with our clients. By working with Quest Diagnostics and their team of expert technicians and professional, knowledgeable customer service representatives, we guarantee to help you develop a comprehensive drug and alcohol screening program that runs smoothly and meets your organization’s specific wants and needs. Small, medium, large and enterprise employers look to National Drug Screening and Quest Diagnostics for comprehensive and quality drug testing and drug free workplace programs.