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A tourist hub like Virginia Beach, VA relies on employees to have positive interactions with the public to help stimulate the economy. Reliable drug testing services can help you ensure that your employees are in the right state of mind to have successful customer interactions.

National Drug Screening offers a variety of drug testing services and prevention programs that can help remove drugs from the workplace. Our services are designed to fit your needs and create a safer environment for employees and customers.

Drug Testing Services We Offer in Virginia Beach, VA

For individuals needing personal drug testing for any reason, National Drug Screening (NDS) offers a variety of drug testing including urine drug testing and hair drug testing. Whether it is for probation, a court order, divorce, DUI, school admission or other personal reason, NDS has facilities throughout Virgina Beach for drug testing. Affordable and fast, if you need a drug test today just call 866-843-4545 or Order Now.

Virginia Beach, VA is home to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, tourism, education, technology, and broadcasting. The surrounding area also has several military bases, which has, in turn, led to the growth of the defense industry in the area. Many companies in the defense, manufacturing, and education industries have strict policies regarding drug use to keep employees and the public safe.

No matter which field your company works in, we can help you with drug testing services and programs that reduce the likelihood of drug use in the workplace. Some of our most commonly offered services in Virginia Beach include:

Workplace Testing Services

Drug use in the workplace lowers productivity and creates a hostile work environment for everyone present. Our workplace drug testing services can identify instances of drug abuse and serve as a deterrent.

Instant Testing

Certain situations, such as workplace accidents, require immediate drug testing. Our instant testing services provide same day results, giving you vital information to make important decisions.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol consumption during working hours can quickly turn dangerous. The reduction in cognitive abilities and reflex speed can prove deadly when heavy machinery is involved. Our breath alcohol testing services can ensure that you have a sober workforce at all times.

US Coast Guard Required Testing

If you have a Captain’s License or your workplace is regulated by the Coast Guard, you need to take a drug test to retain that license. We offer Coast Guard-compliant drug tests that can get you the results you need. If you need the CG-719P from we will provide when your drug test is complete. This will be a 5 Panel DOT drug test to include:

  • Marijuana (TJC).
  • Amphetamines, such as ecstasy, crystal meth, or Ritalin.
  • Phencyclidine, also called PCP or angel dust.
  • Cocaine and crack cocaine.
  • Opiates, such heroin, oxycodone, or hydrocodone.

Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing services are an excellent deterrent for drug use of any kind. The unpredictable nature of these tests makes it difficult for employees to prepare for an upcoming test. Owner operators truckers in Virginia Beach, VA will be required to be enrolled into a DOT random consortium. You can enroll fast and easy at: Owner Operator DOT Consortium Package. This program includes the required FMCSA Clearinghouse.

Common Drug Test Panels in Virginia Beach, VA

We carry out a range of drug test panels in Virginia Beach, VA that can help you detect several different kinds of drug compounds. There are also numerous testing methods designed to identify recent or long-past drug use. Some of our most commonly provided drug testing services in Virginia Beach include:

Urine Drug Test

Urine sample-based tests are widely used, quick, and accurate. They are best at detecting recent drug use, as drug compounds show up in urine very quickly. However, as fast as drug compounds appear in urine, they also leave quickly. As a result, this test is not recommended for detecting drug use that happened more than a week or two ago.

Hair Drug Test

Hair sample-based tests are also fast and accurate. These tests are excellent at detecting long-past drug use. Drug compounds last for months or even years once they show up in hair.

10-Panel Test

A 10-panel test can be carried out using a hair or urine sample and detects 10 different drug compounds. It is ideal for identifying the use of drugs that are outside of the five most-used illicit substances. The 10 panel drug test is our most commonly ordered drug test by employers and individuals.

Fentanyl Tests

Fentanyl use has been on the rise, leading to the creation of fentanyl-specific drug tests. These tests are offered as both urine and hair sample-based tests and detect fentanyl along with several other drug compounds. Learn more about Fentanyl drug testing.

Local Drug Testing Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Undetected drug use can seriously impact your business’s productivity, safety, and reputation. Prevent these outcomes by implementing drug testing and drug use prevention programs offered by National Drug Screening. Our drug testing services can help you create a safer, more productive work environment.

For more information, call us at 866-843-4545 or use our Contact form.

Drug Testing Services FAQ

What steps can I take to guarantee accurate and trustworthy drug test results?

Ensuring trustworthy drug test results plays an essential role in creating a drug free workplace. Follow these steps to improve the accuracy of your test results:

  1. Choose a reliable drug testing provider: Research local drug testing companies in the Virginia Beach, VA area to find a company with favorable reviews and a robust set of drug testing services. National Drug Screening (NDS) is your professional drug testing provider with accreditations and a 5 star Google rating.
  2. Clearly define your drug testing policy: Provide your employees with a detailed drug testing policy. This will help them understand the purpose of workplace drug testing programs and the consequences of obtaining a positive test result. Learn more about your drug free workplace policy which NDS can provide.
  3. Train managers, supervisors, and HR team members: Managers need to understand the purpose of drug tests to ensure employee cooperation. NDS Online Training for your drug free workplace program is fast and affordable.
  4. Use the correct drug testing method: Choosing the appropriate drug testing method will help you more effectively target the types and patterns of drug use that concern you most. You must know your State laws for drug testing and of course if you are DOT regulated.
  5. Consider random testing: Random drug testing can dissuade employees from casual drug use. This testing format also makes it harder to falsify a test. DOT employers are required to have random drug testing.
  6. Maintain chain of custody: Create protocols for who is responsible for drug test samples before they are sent to a lab. Doing this greatly reduces tampering and contamination risks.

An effective drug testing program is essential for preventing employee drug use. By following these guidelines, you can ensure more accurate and trustworthy drug test results. Always use a professional and experienced drug testing provider. At National Drug Screening we have several trust seals and accreditations. Get fast, great service at affordable prices.

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