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Drug testing centers in Virgina Beach

Consortium services are required for DOT owner-operators, our drug testing centers in Virginia Beach conduct DOT drug testing. DOT drug testing programs available for all DOT regulated companies and owner-operators. Immediate service is available for all drug testing programs, call 866-843-4545 for same-day service in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach is a medium-sized city located in VA and has a population of roughly 400,000 people. The city is located right at the center of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and many residents enjoy the fun-loving atmosphere the beach and water have to offer them. The climate in the area is humid and temperatures in the summer can rise into the high 80s and mid-90s on the Fahrenheit scale. The winters cool down and the area does receive snowfall.

Virginia Beach has a hot economy and is fueled largely by tourism. While living here, you will find small eateries, great dining experiences, and fun summer beach nights.

If you are an employer in the area and you are looking for the right drug testing facility for your company, there are a few things you need to consider first before you just settle on the first one you see.

Drug use is a big problem in and around Virginia Beach. Our drug testing centers in and around Virginia Beach can provide drug testing for employment purposes, drug-free workplace policies, court-ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, personal drug tests, and child custody drug testing. Our drug test centers can provide testing with urine and hair for drugs and for alcohol including EtG alcohol testing

What to Consider About a Drug Testing Facility in Virginia Beach

When you first start searching for a drug testing provider, you want to look for one that has customizable options for your company. Your provider should be knowledgeable and able to work with you one on one to provide solutions for your company. The drug testing provider should know the answers to all of your questions, even the most difficult ones.

Since there are a number of ways a drug test can be performed, you should work with a facility that offers more than just the basic urinalysis test. What happens if you need to have instant results due to an accident? Choose the facility and its services wisely so that you always have more than one option.

In addition, you want to work with a provider who employs an in-house full-time MRO. The MRO is responsible for making sure that the tests are done correctly. The MRO also looks over the results and provides you with interpretations of the results that are received.

Lastly, consider if the facility is SAMHSA certified or not. If they are certified, this can help boost the reliability of the tests and you will know that you are working with a trusted source when it comes to employee drug testing.

Don’t make a mistake and pick the wrong company for your drug testing program and always weigh your options first before settling.

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Testing locations in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Location Address
ARCpoint Labs of Virginia Beach-ARCpoi 4624 Pembroke Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
Doctor’s On Call- Kempsville-Riverside Virginia Beach 5232 Providence Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
Doctors On Call Virginia Beach 1368 N Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
EMSI Virginia Beach-EMSI Virginia Be 3640 S. Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
Emsi-Hampton Roads Virginia Beach 232 Business Park Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
EMSI-Hampton Roads-EMSI-Hampton Roads 144 Business Park Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
I & O Medical Centers Virginia Beach 1290 Diamond Springs Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
Labcorp Virginia Beach 1732 SIR WILLIAM OSLER DR, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Labcorp Virginia Beach 1020 INDEPENDENCE BLVD STE 201, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
Labs To Go Virginia Beach 5541 Parliament Dr Ste 203, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Labs to Go-Labs to Go – Drug Testing O 5541 Parliament Dr, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
NowCare – Princess Anne-NowCare – Prin 2088 S Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453
Nowcare Medical Center Virginia Beach 6632 Indian River Rd., Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
NowCare-NowCare – DRUG TESTING ONLY 1168 First Colonial Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
NowCare-NowCare – DRUG TESTING ONLY 6632 Indian River Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
Oceana Urgent Care 940 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
Paramedical Services of VA, Inc.-Param 144 Business Park Dr, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
Patient First Medical Centers-Patient 1605 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454
Patient First-Patient First – DRUG TES 3432 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452
Patient First-Patient First – DRUG TES 332 Newtown Rd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462
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