Drug Testing in Orlando

Always use a professional provider for drug testing in Orlando, Florida. National Drug Screening is the only drug test provider in Orlando, Florida to receive status as Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. This accreditation insures that we are operating within national standards program for companies who provide drug free workplace program management services, it ensures we have company specific standard operating procedures, safeguards, knowledge and professional practices that keep our clients in compliance with federal, state and local drug and alcohol testing regulations.

With locations throughout Orlando, Orange County, Seminole county, Osceola County and Lake County; drug testing has never been easier. Immediate drug testing can be ordered online or with one phone call. Services available for both individuals and employers.

Probation Drug Testing

Probation drug testing in Orlando, Florida is a common call we receive. We set up random drug testing programs for individuals who need a random drug test program for probation. Court-ordered drug testing is also requested often. We work with many attorneys and individuals needing a drug test or alcohol test for a court related situation often child custody or divorce.

Many attorneys in Florida have worked to legalize marijuana. John Morgan an attorney in Orlando was a huge proponent of medical marijuana in Florida. National Drug Screening offers drug test programs that include or exclude marijuana. Employers in Florida still have a right to maintain their drug free workplace program.

National Drug Screening offers for employers in Orlando, Florida a drug-free workplace program that will provide for a 5% discount on your workers compensation insurance. In Orlando, DOT drug test programs are available for DOT regulated employer including trucking companies, bus companies, airlines and other aviation-related businesses. Employer drug tests are available for pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing and reasonable suspicion drug testing.