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Drug Testing for Individuals

Nationwide and also in Lawton, OK drug screenings have become a ubiquitous part of our lives, and we constantly hear about them. While passing a drug test is often a requirement for employment or insurance compensation after an accident, it is usually major corporations that handle these tests. However, what about individuals who need to undergo a drug test for their own personal reasons?

There are several reasons why individuals may need a personal drug test, and exploring some of these reasons will shed light on this surprising and often overlooked aspect of the process. National Drug Screening (NDS) operates drug testing centers throughout Lawton, OK.

One obvious reason is to ensure that they can pass a drug test. Employment is a crucial step towards sobriety, but for those who have recently become sober, it can be disheartening to land an interview only to fail the test later on. A personal drug screen will allow individuals to assess whether they are ready to take that step and secure their employment.

Self-employed individuals may need to undergo a personal drug test in order to qualify for medical insurance, insurance payouts, or to secure specific contracts with various organizations or companies. Drug screenings serve multiple purposes beyond just obtaining a job. Oten schools as part of an admission’s process require a drug test. NDS can help individuals with these drug testing needs in Lawton, OK.

Similarly, contractors or contracted laborers may need to provide their own drug test results in order to work for specific companies or organizations. Passing a drug test independently could be the key that opens up a wide range of opportunities and allows individuals to take advantage of new prospects.

In summary, there are numerous reasons why ensuring the ability to pass a drug test is an important step in one’s overall life plan. With one phone call to 866-843-4545 or Order Online, individuals in Lawton, OK can receive same day drug testing services for any reason.

Drug Testing for Employers

When you run a business, fostering a drug free environment is likely one of your top priorities. Drug use in the workplace, aside from being unprofessional, can create an unsafe and unproductive work environment. However, taking action against employee drug use is almost impossible without a reliable drug detection method.

Thankfully, National Drug Screening (NDS) has the tools and programs you need to both prevent and identify employee drug abuse. We offer a wide range of drug testing services that help companies in Lawton, OK improve productivity and workplace safety.

DOT regulated employers in Lawton can look to NDS for programs to keep those companies in compliance with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulation. This includes both trucking companies and owner operators. Random consortium services are available with same day set up.

Drug Testing Services We Offer in Lawton, OK

The city of Lawton and your company rely on employees to remain drug free in order to effectively perform their job duties. While this is important in any industry, it’s especially essential in Lawton’s prevalent manufacturing, education, and transportation industries.

National Drug Screening has developed a variety of services to help you achieve a drug free workforce, including:

Workplace Drug Testing Programs

Drug use in the workplace can have severe impacts on your employees’ performance. An intoxicated employee can create an unsafe and sometimes hostile environment. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry of Lawton, where quick reflexes and a clear mind are required to operate heavy machinery.

Immediate Drug Testing for Employers and Individuals

Drug tests occasionally need to be carried out on short notice. One quick phone call and you can order your drug test at our Lawton, OK drug test facilities. Our instant drug testing services deliver same-day results, giving you the information you need to help make important decisions.

SAMHSA-Certified Labs

Our labs are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This organization aims to remove drugs and alcohol from the workplace. They also certify labs as being able to provide quality test results.

Common Drug Test Panels in Lawton, OK

We provide multiple drug testing services that can detect signs of recent and long-past drug usage. Two of our most popular testing methods are hair and urine sample tests. Oral fluid drug testing is also gaining in popularity.

Urine Sample Drug Testing

Urine sample-based drug testing is the most commonly used drug testing method. It is easily accessible, affordable, and fast. However, it doesn’t detect long-term drug use, as the body cycles through urine very quickly. Check out the most common urine specimen drug test panels.

Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug testing is another convenient and affordable drug testing method. Drug compounds stay in hair for a long time, which makes this method ideal for detecting long-term drug use. There is a lot to learn about hair drug testing, check out: Everything You Need To Know About A Hair Follicle Drug Test

Local Drug Testing Services in Lawton, OK

Undetected drug use in Lawton, OK can lead to unsafe workplaces and significant losses in productivity. It’s important to eliminate these dangerous circumstances from your business as quickly as possible. Our drug testing services can help your company create a safe, drug free work environment.

For more information, contact us at (866) 843-4545.

Drug Testing Services FAQ

What is a 10-panel drug test?

A 10-panel drug test is one of the most popular drug testing services used by employers. Compared to the slightly more popular 5-panel test, it detects more drug compounds. This prevents employees from hiding drug use.

The drugs detected during a standard 10-panel test include:

A 10-panel test is usually carried out via a urine sample, though other methods like hair samples can be used. Tests similar to those that the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires are also available. Additional drugs as required can be added to the 10 panel drug test. In Lawton, Ok we see many individuals and employers requesting fentanyl drug testing.

What is a 5-panel drug test?

The most common drug test also required for DOT drug testing is the five panel drug test. Our 5 panel drug screening tests can also include additional specimen validity testing and expanded testing for MDMA and Ecstasy, Methamphetamines, 6-Acetylmorphine (6-AM, a Metabolite of Heroin), Morphine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, and Oxymorphone. This is known as expanded opiate testing or 5 Panel DOT Like drug test.

National Drug Screening will collaborate diligently with you to provide precisely what you require, whether as an individual or for your company. Besides Lawton, Ok we offer drug testing solutions for individuals and employers in all other cities across the United States.

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