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Founded as a village by a fur trader Jacob Smith in 1819 and incorporated in 1855, the city of Flint is the 7th largest city in Michigan. Drug test facilities in Flint, Michigan are open daily for all types of drug tests. Many individuals need a drug test near Flint, Michigan and one phone call to 866-843-4545 can provide immediate drug test service.

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After its foundation Flint became a major lumbering area and then a leading manufacturer of carriages. Later in 1908 General Motors was formed and they acquired some other automobile companies like Buick and Chevrolet. Soon, Flint became the leading manufacturer of automobiles and earned the name of “Vehicle City”.

Demographic Information

Flint is the largest city of Genesee County, has a population of about 100,000 which also makes it the biggest County Seat. It is located on the banks of Flint River, about 70 miles north-west of Detroit and about 65 miles east of the State’s Capital Lansing. According to the 2010 Census, the city has a total area of 34.06 square miles with a population density of 3065 per square mile. Flint enjoys a Humid Continental Climate. In winters temperature drops down to -18 °C, opposite of which the summers are warm with an average temperature of 32 °C.

Flint, MI has been famous for manufacturing of automobiles, so Manufacturing Industry was the biggest job provider in the past. Just like the past it still is one of the major occupations in the city. It comes at the top in the most specialized industries in the city followed by Healthcare & Social Assistance. Retail trade with Accommodation & Food services is also one of the most common industries in the city.

Points of Interest

There are several points of Interest in Flint; there are theatres, parks, markets, museums and historical landmarks. Based on the reviews given by the people these are the major interest points in Flint:

  1. Flint Farmer’s market
  2. Flint Institute of Arts
  3. Sloan Museum
  4. Longway Planetarium
  5. Stepping Stones Falls
  6. Buick Automotive Gallery
  7. For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum
  8. Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad

If you talk about places near Flint city, then yes there are places that you can go. There are cities nearby like Detroit, Ann Arbor and Lansing. Places of natural beauty like Lake Erie, Isle Royale National Park and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The City of Flint, a city with historical significance has also faced several crises over the years. The first one was the Economic Depression. Due to the depression, deindustrialization and disinvestment happened. Later 1973 Oil Crisis forced the auto companies to lose their market values to the imports which led to even bigger disinvestment. General Motors reduced its operations and workforce significantly. Later factors like automation and outsourcing reduced the requirement of the workforce. As a result of this population of Flint in 2010 reduced to half of what it was in 1960. Then it was under the state of financial emergency twice, 2002-2004 and 2011-2015. During this, the crime rates also went high and Flint was also ranked among the most dangerous cities in the United States.

The City of Flint is a beautiful city in Michigan, United States, with a strong historical significance in the development of automobile industry. Steps are being taken to cure the Vehicle city of the Economic slump, and hopefully it will bounce back and again become the great Industrial hub which it was earlier.

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Testing locations in Flint, Michigan

Location Address
Genesee Urgent Care-Genesee Urgent Car 2265 S Linden Rd Ste A, Flint, Michigan 48532
Grand Blanc Urgent Care Center 5494 S Dort Hwy, Flint, Michigan 48507
Hurley Health Services 1125 S Linden Rd, Flint, Michigan 48532
Hurley Urgent Care Center 1 Hurley Plz, Flint, Michigan 48503
Mclaren Medical Management, Inc Flint 401 S Ballenger Hwy, Flint, Michigan 48532
Quest Diagnostics-Flint Linden Rd Psc 1397 S Linden Rd, Flint, Michigan 48532
Quest Diagnostics-Flint N Ballenger(Pa G1071 N Ballenger Hwy, Flint, Michigan 48504
Quest Diagnostics-Flint Villa Linde Pa 5080 Villa Linde Parkway, Flint, Michigan 48532
Quest Diagnostics-Inside Walmart Corun 4313 Corunna Rd, Flint, Michigan 48532
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