Will You Survive Your FAA Repair Station Audit?

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program is required for Aircraft Repair Stations (Part 145) and Contractors to FAA regulated employers. National Drug Screening (NDS) provides not only compliant programs and testing but also audit support, Mock Audit services, and Supervisor & DER training. Having this level of support can assist you WHEN you get auditied. There are several types of inspections that the FAA utilizes to insure you are in compliance with FAA DOT regulations.

Comprehensive Inspections.

Comprehensive inspections are thorough reviews of all aspects of employers’ drug and alcohol testing program. In some cases, the comprehensive inspection may be conducted without advance notice to the employer.

Focused Inspections.

Under certain circumstances, focused inspections, which are narrow or limited in scope, may be conducted in response to a specific problem. Problems may be identified from any of a variety of information sources, including analyses of prior inspection results, annual testing reports, individual or union complaints, or other alternative means.

Announced Inspections.

An announced inspection requires advance notification to employers. This is accomplished by a person assigned to notify the company. The employer/contractor in contacted and informed of the scheduled inspection and asked to provide information regarding their size, service agents, new hires,etc.

Unannounced Inspections.

Unannounced inspections are essential to an effective compliance program. Each inspector may be responsible for conducting unannounced inspections during the fiscal year.

High Impact Inspections.

High impact inspections are conducted by multiple teams of inspectors and investigators from two or more Drug Abatement offices during a one or two week period.

Special Emphasis Inspections.

Special emphasis inspections are defined as inspections that are scheduled to focus on one part of the regulations

As a repair station (Part 145) or a contractor to an FAA regulated employer, you are required to establish, implement, and maintain a compliant drug and alcohol testing program. National Drug Screening (NDS) can help.

NDS Provides FAA Drug & Alcohol Compliance Services That Include:

  • Experienced FAA Program Manager
  • FAA Random Consortium Management
  • Secure Online System
  • Electronic Results Delivery
  • Online Storage of  Results & CCF
  • MIS and Compliance Reporting
  • FAA Mock Audits – Onsite
  • FAA Audit Support
  • FAA DER & Supervisor Training
  • Nationwide Collection Site Network
  • US-Based Customer Support Team
  • Dedicated MRO Team

What We Do Best:

Friendly, Professional Service – we answer the phone Nationwide Locations Experienced and Knowledgeable User Friendly Technology Ongoing Consultation & SupportFast Turnaround Compliance with Federal & State Laws and DOT regulations Competitive and fair pricing Confidential Full time Medical Review Officers (MRO)

Call 866.843.4545 to get your program in compliance and PASS your next FAA Audit!

Will You Survive Your FAA Repair Station Audit?
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