What Motivates the National Drug Screening Team?

It’s Motivation Monday and our team is feeling great about the upcoming work week! The Monday morning blues are gone and it’s time to provide our clients with the type of high-quality service that they have grown accustomed to. Our staff is full of industry professionals and our expertise is second to none in this industry. But knowledge is worthless if you don’t have the motivation, so we’re going to tell you what motivates our team»

A Drug-Free America
While this might be a pipe dream, at National Drug Screening, we truly believe our work makes a difference. Our Drug-Free Workplace programs help businesses of all sizes with their drug testing policy in an effort to increase efficiency and keep employees off drugs. Studies show that random drug testing is a deterrent for potential drug users and we can help you tailor your policy to create a positive workplace environment. And maybe, just maybe we can help stop an addict from ever getting started in the first place.

High Quality Service
Led by drug screening extraordinaire Joe Reilly, the team at National Drug Screening is like no other. We have over 60 years of MRO experience on our staff and if you are a TPA seeking help, you know how valuable those years are. We are always here to answer your calls and address any questions you might have about policies and compliance. We are your full time drug testing tour guides!

Immediate Testing
We provide immediate drug testing for all of your needs. Our tests come in a number of different panels and can screen for alcohol, EtG, marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine and more! We also provide tests for all of the following circumstances:

  • Hair Follicle Testing
  • DNA Paternity
  • Court Ordered Programs, Probation
  • Individuals
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • School Testing

Providing Value to our Clients
“We are so grateful for the wisdom and expertise that Joe Reilly and his team at National Drug Screening regularly share with us. As our growing business has needs and questions, we always receive prompt and knowledgeable support for every situation. Joe is sincerely invested in our success. He offers us guidance in difficult decisions, marketing suggestions, management instruction, and regular problem solving discussions that teach and prepare us to become experts in our field. I am certain our partnership with Joe will grow our business faster and more professionally than we could have grown it alone.” — Compass Drug Screening

If you would like to learn more about our Drug-Free Workplace program or if you need to order a test, call National Drug Screening at 1-866-843-4545!

What Motivates the National Drug Screening Team?
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