[Video] National Drug Screening – A Great Corporate Culture

What makes a great corporate culture?

We hear companies talk about “corporate culture” all the time, but have you ever stopped to think about what corporate culture means?

To us, it means that our employees look forward to coming to work because our mission resonates with their beliefs. Our team is comprised of happy, enthusiastic people who support each other and work together to drive our national drug testing business forward.

Moreover, it means that we have a caring, ethical staff that puts the customer’s needs in the spotlight and helps at every turn.

Why a winning corporate culture is essential to our success.

When a company has a winning corporate culture, the work environment is free of unnecessary negative distractions and is viewed as a place that fosters success and achievement.

When you work in a winning corporate culture, people are collaborative and function as a team. Through this, the barriers to advancement are removed.

It’s easy for us to attribute much of the success we have in our drug testing business to our corporate culture.

Weaving our culture into our drug testing business

National Drug Screening’s ability to provide nation-wide accredited drug testing services for individuals, businesses, students, truck drivers, and others is enhanced by our strong corporate culture. Our team supports a common set of values and a vision to provide the best drug testing options anywhere in the United States.

Simply put, we are a group of passionate professionals who help to deter and identify drug use.

Beyond our state of the art software technology for drug testing, our people are a critical component in the success of our business. Whether we are working with someone who needs a one-time court-ordered drug test or with a company that is maintaining a drug-free-workplace, our team works tirelessly to serve our clients and meet their needs.

We’ve spent years developing a system that can schedule drug screening electronically, across the United States in over 4,000 patient service centers. Also, leveraging an additional 6,000 collection sites, our professionals can provide drug testing services to anyone, anywhere in the US. This would not have been possible without the dedication of our professionals.

A core element in our corporate culture is a focus on customer service. Often, navigating federal, state, and local laws regarding drug testing can be challenging. Our professionals help navigate the rules and regulations to come up with effective drug testing solutions for our customers.

To learn more about our corporate culture and get to know some of the amazing people who work at National Drug Testing, watch our video: “National Drug Screening – A Great Corporate Culture.”

[Video] National Drug Screening - A Great Corporate Culture
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