Video Blog: Top 5 Mistakes Employers make

In this video of the NDS Video Blog series, Tom Fulmer discusses Employment drug testing. It is on the rise especially with the opioid epidemic that’s making the headlines every day. In the news as well is marijuana which has become legalized in some states even though it’s illegal in others and illegal federally. We’re here to talk about the top five mistakes employers make.

So What are the Top 5 Mistakes Employers Make?
1) Using instant testing and not sending non-negative results to the lab for confirmation testing.

2) Not using a Certified Medical Review Officer to review results, especially positive results.

3) A third situation that arises is when employers make assumptions about drug testing results that taking longer.

4)Doing a random test that is not really a random test. It is instead someone drawing names or just picking someone to test; sometimes it is really a suspicious situation but the employer does not have evidence so they send the person for a “random”.

5)Not having a drug testing policy in place. This is necessary for many reasons and not having one can open you up to even more liability.

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Video Blog: Top 5 Mistakes Employers make
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