What happened to the 5 Part Paper Chain of Custody Form?

Last updated on February 26th, 2021 at 11:12 am

Many companies are still stuck using Paper Chain of Custody Forms and Manual Processes to send or receive results. In the past, that was the only option but that is no longer the case. Electronic Chain of Custody, electronic/paperless scheduling of drug tests is now available and is quickly becoming a best practice. The reason for the shift is that electronic CCF speeds up and simplifies the process, reduces mistakes, and eliminates the need to carry around or mail out paper forms. National Drug Screening (NDS) has been offering eCCF for nonDOT tests for some time and now eCCF for DOT is also available.

NDS helps companies streamline their processes related to drug testing scheduling, record keeping and results delivery. Also included is the collection, testing, confirmation as needed, and MRO review (medical Review Officer) all in one secure cloud-based platform.

The easy to use features in this web-based software platform will provide many added benefits including:

  • Electronic CCF’s eliminate dealing with five-part custody and control forms.
  • Less paperwork means faster collections and fewer data entry errors.
  • Randoms Management System with results matching and MIS reporting for DOT-regulated employers.
  • Integrations with Quest, Labcorp, Alere, Medtox and CRL.
  • MRO review services are included for ALL lab results.
  • Automated results reporting system with customized branding.
  • Exceptionally fast turnaround for results.
  • Dedicated backend Support Team will help reduce your administrative burden.

When you are ready for a simple, efficient MRO and software system with electronic scheduling and automated results delivery, call us for your free demo or to set up your account. Our dedicated team of U.S.A. based customer support professionals will be happy to assist you. Simply call 866-843-4545 or click here to contact us.

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