The Primary Reasons An Individual May Need A Drug Test

When most people think of drug testing, they think of things like pre-employment drug testing or court-ordered testing as part of a probation order. But what many don’t realize is that there are plenty of other reasons that a drug test might be needed. In fact, individuals sometimes need to secure a drug test on their own for various reasons.

If you’re unsure of why this is, taking a look at reasons that pre-employment drug testing isn’t the only kind of test out there is worth doing. Here are a few of the basic situations that could require a personal, individual test.

  • The obvious reason is simply to ensure that they actually can pass a pre employment drug testing requirement from a place they’re applying. Not only can past mistakes have an impact here, but some things can lead to false positives. It’s important to know that you’re ready for the test.
  • Private contractors and self-employed individuals sometimes need to obtain their own drug test in order to show a client offering them a contract that they are free from drugs.
  • Insurance companies will often require drug testing in order to show that a person isn’t responsible for their accident due to drug use. However, some companies may actually require a drug test in order to qualify for coverage through them. Either way, insurance could be a main reason that you need a drug test.

No matter what the situation may be, there are numerous reasons that an individual may have to secure a drug test on their own. If this is the case, it’s important to get an accurate test from a company that handles the proper kind of testing for your needs. Review the types of panels required before you take the test to ensure you get the results you need.

The Primary Reasons An Individual May Need A Drug Test
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