The Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace

A place of business requires specific behavior and production. Anything that impairs one’s ability to work should be kept out of the workplace, and that includes drugs and alcohol. Whether you realize it or not, statistics show that at least one of your employees could be abusing substances that are depleting their production. It is your job to find a drug screening process that works for you and then enforce that system at every level of your company.

Drug Testing For Candidates
The job market is so saturated with college graduates that it can be hard to sort out which applicants are right for the job. One way to narrow down your choices is to require mandatory drug testing for all potential employees. Most companies do this without much notice so that the subject doesn’t have enough time to prepare themselves. This type of testing requires the service of a credible drug testing company that follows all the necessary guidelines and procedures. You don’t want any unexpected speed bumps to eliminate a potentially promising candidate.

Drug Testing For Current Employees
Over the past few years, more and more employers have started implementing a random drug screening process for their current employees. Since 2011, random drug screening or testing due to reasonable suspicion has increased by over 20%! Most employers feel that drug screening in the beginning is not enough and that continuing the process is critical to their companies success. Your company is only as good as your employees make it.

Drug Testing For Liability
If your drug screening system is faulty, that leaves you at risk for all sorts of possible hazards. If you run a business that requires the operation of heavy machinery, you can’t afford to be negligent when it comes to drug testing. A well run drug screening program could save you millions of dollars and possibly someone’s life.

For expert consultation on a drug screening policy that fits your business, call Joe Reilly at National Drug Screening at 321-622-2020.

The Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace
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The Importance of Employer Drug Testing

A business that fosters a drug free workplace is a business that customers can trust. Every year, more employers incorporate drug testing into their hiring