Texas Employers, Look No Further For Your Drug Testing Facilities

While much of the country is becoming lax on marijuana, Texas is not one of those places. Except for CBD oil, which can only be obtained via prescription, possessing any amount of cannabis is still illegal. The cannabidiol oil is available to patients in low THC form, less than 0.5-percent, and high THC, which is lower than 10-percent. Texans are only eligible for the substance if they are permanent Texas residents, gain approval from two separate doctors, and have intractable epilepsy. The ailment must also be unresponsive to at least two FDA-approved drugs.

Therefore, unlike in some locations, employers can still perform pre-screening and random drug testing. National Drug Screening, Inc. works with many, many drug testing facilities across the Lone Star State. Hence, the chances are good that one is relatively close to you. Some of the more commonly heard towns where these establishments are located include…

  • Abilene
  • Austin
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas
  • El Paso, Houston, And More

Offered Services

Employers have lots of options to choose from for their drug testing needs. Call around to make sure that the various drug testing facilities offer the right services for you. Common exams such as urine tests, hair follicle testing, and DOT drug testing panels are usually readily available. Impaired employees pose risks to owners, managers, co-workers, and the business as a whole. So, whether they are on marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, or something else, nip the issue in the bud quickly and rid the workplace of the threat.

Attempting To Cheat Is A Crime

Under Texas law, it is a Class B misdemeanor to use a device or substance to falsify drug test results. How serious can the problem actually be? Well, it comes with a stiff maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a fine of $2,000. So, don’t entrust your testing to just anyone. Instead, utilize one of our drug testing facilities near you to watch over things and make sure no cheating is taking place. Aside from pre-screening or random tests, supervisors can also ask for one when they have reasonable suspicion.

Managers or business owners must observe and document signs and behaviors that may indicate drug use. In turn, the employee might be violating the drug-free workplace policy. So, get them tested and prevent accidents from happening. It is best for workers to remain away from work while the company awaits the reasonable suspicion test results. Then, if the outcome comes back positive, the powers that be can take the appropriate disciplinary actions.

Texas Employers, Look No Further For Your Drug Testing Facilities
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