Ten Drug Testing Rules That DOT Applicants and Employees Need To Be Aware Of

Stay compliant with DOT regulations for DOT drug testing with these top ten drug testing rules to be aware of. This is important for DOT regulated employers and DOT covered employees.

  1. You cannot use illicit drugs or consume alcohol while working; you cannot be impaired by either as you come to work.
  2. If you fail a DOT Drug or Alcohol test or refuse to test this will result in removal from the DOT safety-sensitive position and required referral to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).
  3. If a Supervisor directs that a reasonable suspicion must be performed, you must comply with this request, and failure to comply will result in a REFUSAL to test.
  4. Marijuana is part of the DOT drug testing program, the drug is strictly prohibited regardless of State medical and recreational laws. It is also advised to use CBD products at your own risk as many of these products contain THC which is the metabolite of marijuana.
  5. If you are involved in an event (accident, crash, etc.) meeting certain criteria of the DOT agency, post-accident testing will be required.
  6. If contacted by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) regarding your drug test, it is critical that you discuss your test with the MRO who will also advise you of options to challenge the test.
  7. Once you are notified of a random test selection, you are required to report for testing immediately. This means immediately without any delay.
  8. Once you report to a collection site for testing, if you leave the facility without completing the testing this may be considered a REFUSAL to test.
  9. If you have a shy bladder and cannot provide a specimen of sufficient quantity for the drug test; you will have up to 3 hours to provide a sufficient specimen. If you leave the facility prior to providing a sufficient quantity of specimen or prior to the expiration of the 3 hours; considered a REFUSAL to test.
  10. If you have an issue with substance abuse including a problem with alcohol, you should consider seeking help. Ask your employer about an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Be aware that a REFUSAL to test has the same consequences as a positive test. Do not REFUSE!
For more information review the publication from the DOT – What Employees Need To Know About DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

Top Ten Rules and Regulations DOT
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