State Spotlight: Indiana Drug Testing Laws

There is a lot more to the Hoosier state than basketball titles and a famous speedway. This state is home to millions of good, hard-working Americans who want what is best for themselves and their families. With that in mind, lawmakers took it upon themselves to take a step back and let businesses regulate their drug testing policies with the safety of their staff in mind. While drug testing law varies from state to state, Indiana has a pretty clear policy that applies to all the businesses operating within their borders. Here are some quick notes»

Professions That Require Testing In Indiana

  • Mine Workers
  • Child Care Workers
  • State Contractors
  • DOT Employees (Federal Law)
  • School Bus Drivers

Workers Compensation in Indiana
In the state of Indiana, an employee can be denied benefits from their employer if they tested positive for an illegal substance. If there is something in writing, an employer could get away with not paying any compensation at all. To add to that point, an Indiana employer does NOT have to pay compensation to an employee who was drunk on the job. That is state law.

Indiana Drug Testing
Drug screening in Indiana is used to prove innocence in state court. But to be considered valid evidence, the test has to be taken before the trial and it needs to meet the state guidelines. That is why it is so crucial to have court-ordered testing performed by a professional service like National Drug Screening. Our MRO services are second to none, and they’re going to make sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed before any information is sent out. This is critical in Indiana and the other 49 states as well.

Drug Testing Locations in Indiana

  • Evansville
  • Fort Wayne
  • Indianapolis
  • Bloomington
  • Lafayette
  • South Bend
  • New Albany
  • And More!

If you are searching for a drug testing center near you, National Drug Screening can provide answers in all fifty states. We have drug testing for employers, individuals and court-ordered programs that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you live in Indiana and have any questions about state drug testing policy, call 1-866-843-4545 or click around on our website!

State Spotlight: Indiana Drug Testing Laws
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