State Spotlight: Florida Laws on Workplace Drug Testing

The federal government requires drug screening in certain safety-sensitive industries like the Department of Transportation and Department of Defense. But if you live in Florida and are looking for a job outside of these industries, you’ll have to abide by the state’s drug screening policies. The procedures outlined below are designed to protect employee rights and maintain the integrity of a drug-free workplace.

Florida Job Applicants
If a Florida employer has a Drug-Free Workplace program, they must specify this on their now hiring advertisements or announcements. Once an applicant is given a conditional offer for employment, they’ll usually be given about 7 days to schedule a test.

Florida Employees
A Florida employer can test an employee in any of the following circumstances:

  • Reasonable suspicion, which includes erratic behavior, report of drug use or noticeable irregular habits for that particular employee.
  • An employee can be tested as part of a routinely scheduled fit-for-duty examination if it is previously specified.
  • An employee also must be tested after they return to work from any kind of rehabilitation. However, if that subject entered rehab voluntarily and not because of a positive test, they can not be automatically screened.

Legal Claims
An employee can challenge the results of a drug test in Florida if:

  • The drug testing requirement was not specified in the pre-employment phase.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to accept positive tests if the subject is legally prescribed the medication for their disability. For example, if someone with a severe back injury is taking prescription opiates, that would come up positive on a test but the results would have to be neglected by law. (This policy does not apply to safety-sensitive employees)
  • An employer can not single out specific groups for testing. Random screening must be truly random.
  • Unless a direct observation procedure is required, an employer does not have the right to observe the employee while they provide a sample.

Florida’s Medical Marijuana Policy
While medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, it is not permitted for safety-sensitive employees. It is still listed in the Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act and an MRO can not ignore the results of a positive test because of a medical marijuana prescription.

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State Spotlight: Florida Laws on Workplace Drug Testing
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