Save Our Kids with Victory Clubs

>> I was honored to attend a Save Our Kids Roundtable discussion on Tuesday, September 23, 2020 with a focus on protecting our kids from the drug pandemic.  The event at Westgate Lakes Resort was hosted by David & Jackie Siegel Co-Founders of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation

After the roundtable discussion many speakers provided information to highlight the tremendous need for public-private partnerships to actively seek solutions to protect the nation’s youth from the drug pandemic.  

“Drug Czar”

The keynote speaker and special guest was the Honorable James W. “Jim” Carroll who is the Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).  In his role as “Drug Czar,” Director Carroll serves as the principal advisor to the President of the United States on drug policy.  The director discussed the many initiatives the current administration have embarked on to curb drug use and addiction in the United States.

Referencing the Covid-19 pandemic, Director Carroll spoke of a permanent expansion of telehealth to reach people struggling with substance abuse.  “I think there’s going to be some silver linings,” Carroll said. “We’re starting [the expansion] now to see if that’s something we should continue past the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Other remarkable speakers included:

  • Michael Deleon, the founder and CEO of the Steered Straight an educational nonprofit organization.  Michael spoke of his mission to educate the American public, adults, and kids alike, about the effects of drugs and vaping on young minds.    
  • Dr. Janette Nesheiwat who is a top Family and Emergency Medicine doctor and medical news correspondent Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.  Dr. Nesheiwat shared horror stories of young adults coming to emergency rooms after overdose.  She proposed aggressive funding for Narcan to be used by all first responders and that this prescription medicine should be given to all patients prescribed with opiates.  Narcan or Naloxone is a medicine that can treat narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. 
  • Fred Stokes is a Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and  former American football Superbowl champion (defensive end) who played ten seasons in the National Football League.  Fred challenged the audience to take action against the substance crisis killing our youth.    

Victory Clubs

A major initiative for Victoria’s Voice Foundation is the creation of Victory Clubs. This is an extraordinary drug prevention program which will incentivize teems who choose to be drug free.  Members will volunteer to be drug tested for membership and agree to random drug screening.  Club members will enjoy incentives worth hundreds of dollars through freebies and discounts at places to eat, shows, movies, play and travel. Members will also be invited to attend exclusive events meeting celebrities , athletes, and influencers virtually and in person.  

For more information on Victory Clubs view the online brochure or Victory Clubs web page.

Orlando Sentinel Coverage of the Event

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