Pre-Employment Drug Test Procedure: Everything A Business Should Know

Pre-employment drug screening is something that more and more companies are using to make sure the people they hire aren’t abusing illegal drugs or prescription medications. Sure, what individuals do on personal time is their business, but some organizations elect not to extend offers to drug users as lines can become crossed quickly. How? Well, for starters, the substances may make a worker tired.

If he or she falls asleep while on duty, depending on what their job is, somebody else might get hurt. Then, the business could be left on the hook paying for that person to recover. Additionally, should a representative need money for the habit, they might steal from the company as well, which can cause profits to dwindle. Heck, if the situation goes unchecked for quite some time, business owners may even find themselves having to file for bankruptcy. These examples alone are enough for you to see why your organization needs a pre-employment drug test procedure in place.

Do You Need Help Implementing A Drug Testing Program?

Before up and testing new hires, businesses need to come up with clear policies regarding drug use, the pre-employment drug testing procedure, and measures that will be taken if an individual fails the test or random screenings. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done to accomplish such feats, though. Luckily, business owners don’t have to do it alone. National Drug Screening, Inc., has testing centers all across the United States. Agents are more than happy to assist proprietors with the planning process as well as the pre-employment drug testing procedure. Online set up is available for employer drug free workplace policies or immediate employer drug testing.

What Is Collected During The Pre-Employment Drug Testing Procedure?

Most commonly, potential candidates provide urine samples to be analyzed. The 5-panel test looks for traces of opiates, PCP, cocaine, amphetamines, and THC. However, organizations can also take things further and use a 10-panel test. When that is the case, our company can tweak the exam to check for specific substances that businesses may deem higher priorities.

Still, though, a hair follicle test might enter the picture in some instances too. With it, a small amount of hair is tested to check for drugs. Either of the testing options will do the trick, but this one checks for drug use for up to 90-days prior to the date of the exam. The urine method is good for detecting past usage of two to three days.

Pre-Employment Drug Test Procedure: Everything A Business Should Know
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