Ohio’s Cannabis Legalization: Proposed Legislative Amendments and the Impact to Employers

With Ohio’s Issue 2 approval in November, Ohio joins many other states in commercial cannabis legalization. Lawmakers have been diligently engaged in passing a bill modify and clarify the specifications in the law.

Recent legislative efforts have led to the introduction and subsequent passing of HB 86 in the house, marking a series of interesting alterations to Issue 2. These modifications, however, did not directly create additional concerns for employers. The Senate has since forwarded their amended bill back to the House for review and approval. If approved, it will be sent to the governor’s desk for final approval.

Key amendments proposed within HB 86 regarding Issue 2 include:

Notably, the crucial safeguards provided to employers under Issue 2 remain unaltered in HB 86:

The ongoing pace of the current legislative activities indicates the desire for a swift resolution; this has likely been spurred on by the Governor’s insistence on prompt action. During this interim period, employers retain the freedom to maintain their existing drug-free workplace guidelines concerning marijuana usage, possession, and distribution.

Stay Tuned for additional updates and guidance as this is an important topic and can have significant effects on employers. Employers are encouraged to seek assistance from knowledgeable sources for immediate support concerning any related policy concerns.

Ohio's cannabis legalization proposed legislative amendments and the impact to employers
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