National Drug Screening Releases Corporate Overview Video

Last updated on February 1st, 2021 at 04:11 pm

Melbourne, Florida:

National Drug Screening has released a corporate overview video to spotlight the important work the company does to help detect, identify, and deter drug use. The video can be viewed at

Highlighted in the video is National Drug Screening’s software and services that extend the reach of their services to every town in the country. Joe Reilly, President of National Drug Screening, cites, “I am so excited that through technology, we can offer drug testing services in all parts of the United States of America. In every city and every town.” 

Another focus of the video is the collaborative group of professionals and the winning corporate culture that exists at National Drug Screening. Mr. Reilly comments, “I am humbled by the great team that I have on my staff, they do such a great job and are always interested in customer service.” 

The video goes on to introduce some of the employees at National Drug Screening and showcases the important work they do in assisting individuals and companies with drug testing needs. These needs range from pre-employment drug testing to probation drug testing to corporate compliance and drug-free workplace establishment.   

The corporate overview video goes on to describe that collecting urine for a drug test is not all that difficult, but navigating Federal, State, and local laws regarding employment drug testing can be challenging. Mr. Reilly concludes that “we take on this challenge every day for our customers. We provide solutions that range from the simple to the very complex.” 

About National Drug Screening, Inc😕 Located on the east coast of Central Florida, National Drug Screening, Inc. offers nationwide service for drug test result reporting by state of the art MRO services, drug testing software, immediate drug tests, drug & alcohol testing for employees. NDS specializes in Drug Screening, Immediate Testing, Drug-Free Workplace programs, DOT Compliance, Employer Programs, and customized Employer Drug Screening Programs.  

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National Drug Screening Releases Corporate Overview Video

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