Marijuana Laws Update

Post: Marijuana Laws Update

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Last updated on February 4th, 2021 at 12:31 pm

Are you in a State with Medical or Recreational marijuana laws?  Have you addressed marijuana in your drug testing policy?  Eight States have pending legislation to legalize medical marijuana in 2015: Florida, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form.  Four states have legalized marijuana for recreational use: Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia.

The legalization of marijuana does not mean that businesses should abandon their drug-free workplace policy or stop drug testing.  However, employers who have drug testing policies must ensure that the policy clearly and unambiguously addresses illegal substances and legal substances, including marijuana and alcohol.  Contact National Drug Screening for assistance with your Drug Free Workplace Policy.

Marijuana Laws Update

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