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Bill Judge an attorney from Chicago has been involved with employment drug testing for many years. In fact, over 33 years. Bill has assisted Employers, HR Professionals, DER’s, TPA’s, CRA’s, Device Manufacturers, Safety Professionals, Medical Review Officers, Insurance Providers, Risk Managers, Lawyers & other service providers with workplace drug and alcohol screening compliance. Bill spends his days reviewing the hundreds of state-specific laws & thousands of court cases, agency decisions, legal changes, researching issues & documenting compliance requirements for the workplace screening industry. Bill’s goal is to take the complexity out of compliance for his clients!

Bill Judge is a contributor to the National Drug Screening (NDS) blog and is listed on the NDS page of Blog authors. This video was recorded at the annual conference of the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) in early March of 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Save Money with Employment Drug Testing

Over the years Bill has presented at hundreds of industry conferences with a consistent message about how employers can save money with drug testing. Back in May of 2019 Bill actually wrote an article on this subject for the National Drug Screening (NDS) blog. Bill discusses the intoxication defense and states “If you want to know where the ROI is for drug and alcohol testing, IT’S RIGHT HERE!”

Employers can save money with drug testing with post accident testing and the potential denial of a worker’s comp claim with the intoxication defense. This idea is that an employee who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol who has an accident should not be entitled to compensatory damages.  When the employer or insurer can show that an employee was under the influence at the time of the injury and that the intoxication caused or contributed to that injury, they can lawfully deny that employee medical treatment and income benefits.

Employers can also save money with drug testing because of:

  • More productive workers
  • Less accidents
  • Less theft in the workplace
  • Less turnover and absenteeism

Compliance Solutions for your Drug Free Workplace Program

Bill Judge is the co-founder of Drug Screening Compliance Institute (DSCI). National Drug Screening (NDS) works closely with the Drug Screening Compliance Institute (DSCI) so that we at NDS can help our clients by keeping them up to date with all of the fast-paced changes & issues of the employment drug & alcohol screening industry. Take a few minutes and check out the Blog on the DCSI web site called A Compliance Moment.

National Drug Screening is available to assist employers with their drug free workplace programs including development of written policies. By implementing a drug free workplace policy, you are protecting your employees and your business. You are also saving money.

How Employers Save Money with Drug Testing - Video Blog
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