How Accurate Are At Home Drug Tests

The use of At Home Drug Tests has become popular and the question we get most often is are these at home drug tests accurate.

The first part of the discussion is buyer beware, purchase an at home drug test kit from a reliable source such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmart. We do not recommend purchasing an at home drug test kit over the internet. Drug testing for at home use must be an FDA approved product and must include very specific instructions for lab confirmation of any non-negative results.

We actually highly recommend lab based testing which is 100% accurate. We have professional facilities in all areas of the United States. With our professional drug testing services, you can specify exactly what drugs you want tested for. Check out our Common Drug Testing Panels. Our lab based drug testing is 100% accurate.

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Are At Home Drug Tests Accurate?

With a reputable product, the at home drug tests are accurate for negative results only. They are not accurate for positive results. You should be very careful about what drugs you are testing for, read the product information very carefully.

Advantages of At Home Drug Tests:

  • Quick Negative Results
  • Easy to obtain at a retail store

Disadvantages of At Home Drug Tests:

  • Do you know how to administer the drug test kit?
  • What do you do if something goes wrong?
  • Non-negative or positive results must be shipped out to a lab for confirmation testing
  • With At Home Drug Tests, you don’t get an official result
  • The At Home Drug Tests kits have expiration dates
  • The At Home Drug Test might not include all the drugs you want to test for
  • Your neighbors might see you purchasing these At Home Drug Testing Kits

Best Practice – Lab Based Drug Testing

  • 100% confidential and reliable results
  • No false positives
  • Convenient facilities in all areas of the United States
  • Test results are laboratory confirmed and reviewed by a physician – Medical Review Officer (MRO)
  • Prescribed medicines taken into account by the MRO
  • Printed final result from the MRO

For fast service for a professional and accurate drug test call 866-843-4545 or order online.

Learn more about the drugs we test for.

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