Drugs And Alcohol Test: Why And When Are They Needed?

Workers have a lot of stress in their daily lives. They are pushed to the limit while being expected to perform and produce results. On many occasions, instead of reaching out for help, they let things get out of hand and become overwhelmed. Rather than seeking therapy or talking with peers about the problems, the individuals drink or take drugs to cope with the issues.

Many people say that what the folks do on their own time is okay, but often, drug and alcohol use is not just a home problem. It carries over into the workplace. If the person can’t go all day long without the substance, it is even possible for them to sneak a sip or taste while on company time. Acts like these jeopardize their careers as well as put the lives of other co-workers in danger. For instance, if the employee is in charge of operating a piece of machinery, he or she could easily make a wrong move and crush or run over someone else.

In turn, the peer could become severely injured or lose his or her life. Bosses are likely to notice a dip in performance if substance abuse is taking place as well. Some of the typical issues that arise from the misuse include but are not limited to…

•     Aggression And Violence

•     Lost Productivity

•     Absences

•     Declining Employee Morale

•     Theft

How Can A Drugs And Alcohol Test Program Help?

In implementing a no-tolerance policy and pre-employment screenings, you will show potential candidates and existing workers that your company does not have time for nonsense. The acts will help the hiring manager to find the best possible applicants for the organization. Plus, if employees know that a random drugs and alcohol test may be given at any time

Drugs And Alcohol Test: Why And When Are They Needed?
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