Drug Testing Is For More Than Just Employment Screening Now

Employee drug testing is something that most Americans are familiar with. Whether it’s the process of getting hired on and going through a pre-employment drug screening or facing the chance of random drug testing in the workplace, today’s employers take numerous steps to ensure that they can count on their employees to be drug-free.

But what many don’t realize is that drug testing is used for a lot of different situations beyond just random drug testing in the workplace. In fact, there are numerous scenarios where drug testing is used, and understanding more about some of the main ones is something that’s worth doing – and something that could surprise you. With that in mind, here are a few of the primary ways that drug testing is used – beyond employment-related drug screenings.

  • Insurance – Many insurance companies may require drug testing as part of a requirement for receiving health coverage. And when an insurance claim is being filed related to health or personal injury, drug testing is often used to help determine fault.
  • School – This is one that many are surprised to learn about. Nursing schools in particular will often require a drug test as part of their admissions process. The reason is that since the hands-on clinical duty is part of the curriculum, students must be sober.
  • Custody – Child custody cases still often require parents to undergo drug testing if it’s suspected that one of them is under the influence of drugs. It could be used to determine custody or even used before or after visitations.
  • Court Orders – Often, courts will order drug testing as part of a release from jail stipulation or as probation. In any case, drug testing is commonly ordered by the courts.

In short, there are plenty of reasons that you may need to undergo drug testing that don’t involve workplace drug testing. These tests are becoming part of life for millions, and will likely continue to grow in prevalence as we move towards the future.

Drug Testing Is For More Than Just Employment Screening Now
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