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Staying active in the drug testing industry is very important to the leadership at National Drug Screening.  Industry associations are a great way to be involved, learn and meet customers. Both Tom Fulmer and Joe Reilly are featured presenters and stay active in the following associations:

Tom is the VP Business Development at National Drug Screening and Joe is President of National Drug Screening.  Joe Reilly is a past chairman of the DATIA board of directors.

With membership in all three drug and alcohol testing industry association, National Drug Screening stays on top of all the information needed to serve our clients with great knowledge and expertise.  Our involvement with these associations keeps us well connected in the industry.  The latest and current information on drug testing regulations and best practice if provide to us timely with complete and accurate information.

The mission of SAPAA is: Establishing, promoting, and communicating the highest standards of quality and integrity in the substance abuse testing and prevention industry through education, training, and the exchange of ideas.

The mission of NDASA is:” To advocate for safe and drug-free workplaces and communities through legislative advocacy, education, training and excellence in drug and alcohol screening services.”

The Mission of DATIA: To provide education, resources, and advocacy to those involved in and interested in drug and alcohol testing.

All of the drug and alcohol testing industry association memberships help National Drug Screening to accomplish their mission of:

  • Reach annual monetary goals for sustainability and profitability
  • Provide great customer experience & service
  • Retain status as top industry experts
  • Provide for our team members a great place to work

National Drug Screening is proud to be associated with all three of the drug and alcohol testing industry associations.

National Drug Screening | Drug Testing Industry Memberships

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