Drug Testing At Your Small Business: 6 Reasons To Drug Test

Under some circumstances, individuals might need to find drug test locations near them for work. Why? Well, for starters, many employers have drug-free workplace policies in place. As such, workers must submit to random drug testing as deemed fit by their respective organizations. Additionally, in some instances, potential job candidates have to pass drug screenings before companies offer them positions. Curious organizational leaders should stay right here to learn six reasons why they consider drug testing.

1. National Drug Screening, Inc., Has You Covered For Workplace Drug Testing

Our organization has offices in cities across all 50 states. Also, drug test locations near me can be found in DC, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Thus, if employees need a screening, there is a good chance that they won’t have to drive an hour and a half just to find a facility. Rather, there could be one right in their own backyard. Some of the top United States drug testing cities include, but are not limited to…

  • Dallas, Houston, San Antonio
  • Charlotte, Little Rock, Memphis
  • Los Angeles, Jacksonville, And Miami

2. People Can Call to Order Testing or Order Online

It is easy to get testing done right away with a quick phone call to 866-843-4545 or order online at – Order a Drug Test Online.  This makes it easy for employers and hiring managers to quickly and easily get a drug test ordered and results will come back fast in 1 o 2 business days.

3. Different Kinds Of Drug Tests Are Available

Drug testing is not a one-size-fits-all venture, so to speak. After all, employers have varying needs and wants. In turn, it depends on what substances need to be screened for, as to what test a party will select. Our business offers 5-Panel, 10-Panel, hair follicle, and alcohol EtG testing. Not to mention, oral fluid tests and instant POCT test panels are available too.

4. Drug Testing May Reduce Liability

In introducing drug testing at your small business, you keep employees on their toes. They will have to stay clean and sober to avoid breaking the company’s drug-free workplace policy. As such, the likelihood of them coming to work in a euphoric state and causing an accident decreases. Thus, the organization won’t be liable for injuries, at least not from these incidents.

5. Promotes A Friendly And Professional Drug Free Work Environment

Depending on what type of drugs a person takes, they may experience extreme highs or lows. They can become kicked back and relaxed or agitated and mean. Either case can spell trouble in the workplace. So, think about random drug testing, if for nothing else, to discourage drug use and promote a friendly, professional work environment.

6. Maintain Productivity With Drug Testing

It is not uncommon for workers on drugs to become distracted easily. If one of them is on your payroll, that could be a big problem as assignments and projects may not get completed. Drug testing can keep employees focused and productive.

Drug Testing At Your Small Business: 6 Reasons To Drug Test
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