Drug Test Labs Near Me

We get the question often – is there a drug test lab or drug test laboratory near me. The answer is yes but needs explanation.

A lab or laboratory does the actual specimen testing for drugs of abuse. A person needing a drug test does not go to the lab or laboratory. The person needing a drug test goes to a collection site for specimen collection perhaps urine, hair, nails or oral fluid. The collection site then ships the specimen to the lab.

So, to answer the question, is there a drug test lab near me, the answer is really yes because in all cities in the US there are facilities to collect specimens and then send them to the lab for testing.

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Instant testing is also available at many of our local collection facilities. This would be rapid or instant urine drug test with negative results in about five minutes. When these specimens test non-negative or positive the specimen must go out to a lab or laboratory for confirmation testing and medical review officer (MRO) review. This confirmation process eliminates any false positive results.

So common searches on Google asking for labs near me, there are laboratories near you for drug testing. These searches include: urine testing near me, labs for drug testing near me, lab drug test near me, rapid urine drug test, drug screen labs near me, urine testing labs near me, ua drug test labs near me and DOT drug testing labs near me.

At National Drug Screening we utilize SAMHSA certified labs. This federal certification is the gold standard with rigorous inspection and auditing processes. Some of the national certified labs that we use include:

  1. Alere Toxicology Services, Gretna, LA
  2. Alere Toxicology Services, Richmond, VA
  3. Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL),  Lenexa, KS
  4. Quest Diagnostics, Lenexa, KS
  5. Quest Diagnostics,  Norristown, PA
  6. MedTox Laboratories (owned by LabCorp), St Paul, MN
  7. LabCorp, Portland, OR
  8. LabCorp, Houston, TX
  9. LabCorp, Raritan, NJ
  10. LabCorp, Research Triangle Park, NC
  11. LabCorp, Southaven, MS

It does not matter where these labs are located, all use collection sites all over the United States to collect specimens for drug testing. Specimens collected today arrive at the lab the next business day being shipped either by Lab courier or overnight shipping (FedEx or UPS).

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So, if you ask about drug testing near me – there is always drug testing near you!

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