DOT ECCF – Electronic Chain of Custody for DOT Drug Testing

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… November 1, 2016 – Many have waited a long time for ECCF for DOT and it is now becoming reality. 

Labs have received approvals including: Alere Toxicology Services, Clinical Reference Laboratory, Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp.

Alere Toxicology has for several months offered eCCF for DOT through its eScreen network of collection sites. 

Clinical Reference Laboratory is still in a pilot phase testing all systems.

LabCorp has approval for the use of ECCF for DOT but has not announced anything about implementation.

Quest has begun a rollout which is in process and we are seeing this in action with Quest Patient Service Centers’ getting training starting in early October.  Quest will hold a webinar on Tuesday, November 15 at 1 p.m. CT to share valuable information and answer your questions as you consider and prepare for your transition away from 5-part paper forms.  Register now for the free webinar from Quest and learn more about how to Gain the eCCF Advantage.

FormFox which is a web based application to process eCCF for DOT is aggressively training collection sites for the use of its application on eCCF for DOT.  FormFox will initially be working with Clinical Reference Labs and Quest Diagnostics for collections using eCCF for DOT.  FormFox is a web-based software application utilized by drug testing collection sites and on-site collectors for managing the specimen collection process and associated record keeping, administrative and management tasks.

National Drug Screening (NDS) will offer the ability to order DOT drug screens electronically processing specimens through Quest Diagnostics initially and adding other labs as they come on board.  Currently, NDS is also connected with Alere Toxicology for eCCF for DOT at the eScreen network of collection sites.

NDS users who are specimen collectors will also be able to process eCCF DOT collection using our software platform for DOT tests going to Quest and to Clinical Reference Laboratories (CRL).

Finally, eCCF is becoming a reality.  Training will be necessary for all users and systems will need to have the bugs worked out.  We expect smooth operations for eCCF for DOT starting in January.

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DOT ECCF – Electronic Chain of Custody for DOT Drug Testing

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