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Learn more about all things drug testing with great video content. Drug testing for employers: DOT and NON – DOT as well as drug testing for individuals for probation, licensing, school registration, self -testing and many other reasons for drug testing. National Drug Screening provides nationwide drug testing services for employers and individuals.

Announcements, Events and Conferences

This category of video shows conferences, special events & announcements from National Drug Screening. We receive awards, certifications, and accreditations from time to time and we are proud to share these with you. Team members from National Drug Screenings also regularly attend industry trade conferences. Check back often for more content here to find out what we are all about. Check out our web page on Trust Seals and Accreditations.

DOT Drug Testing

We regularly post video regarding DOT regulations and best practices for DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing programs. Regulatory changes do occur, and we will post video on any DOT regulation changes. Watch our DOT drug testing videos to learn about DOT Consortiums, DOT 5 panel drug test, FAA Drug & Alcohol Testing and much more. Learn more about DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Drug Screen Collections

The first step in a drug test is the specimen collection before the specimen goes to the laboratory for testing. Learn tips and tricks to perform collections according to regulations and best practices. Avoid specimen collection fatal and non-fatal flaws. Join our Drug & Alcohol Testing Collector Network.

Employee Spotlights

National Drug Screening is very proud of our team of valued emplyees. Some of the team are brave and volunteered to be available for a video introduction. Meet some of our team members and learn more about our corporate culture. View the welcome message from our CEO and company president - Joe Reilly.

General Drug Testing Topics

There is so much to cover in the world of drug testing. At National Drug Screening we make it our priority to provide lots of educations about drug testing. Check out our video selections on Drug Test Cheating, Employer Mistakes in Drug Testing, Turnaround Times for Drug Testing, Supervisor Training, ETG Alcohol Testing and much more.

Individual Drug Testing

Who needs a drug test? Often individuals need a drug test for a variety of reasons. These reasons for an individual drug test could be required for probation, court ordered drug testing, child custody cases, nursing schools and many more reasons. At National Drug Screening we make is easy for an individual to call and order a drug test; it very easy, no account set up is needed. This is a fast process with drug testing centers in all areas of the United States. Immediate Drug Testing is always available, just call or order online.

Need to know more about drug testing, check out above all our video categories for all things drug testing. Each video provides expert information from our professional drug testing specialists. Learn more on DOT drug testing, employer drug testing, hair drug testing, date rape drug testing and much more.