Drug Testing in Oregon

In Oregon, cheating on a drug test is a crime.

Your drug test can be ordered today in Oregon. Negative drug test results are available the next business day after specimen collection. Your results are reported back to you with a fast turnaround by e-mail, fax, or US mail. DOT and non-DOT drug testing are available for individuals and employees. Hair tests are available testing for 5 or 9 panels or expanded panels. Hair testing is available in all areas of Oregon.

ETG alcohol tests are available with immediate service for probation, court-ordered, and other zero-tolerance alcohol situations. Early recognition of problem drinking or relapse for court-related purposes such as criminal justice or child welfare is important to help assure effective treatment and protect at-risk populations.

Drug test panels include THC (marijuana), Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Opiates, PCP, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Oxycodone, MDMA, Tricyclic, Antidepressants, expanded opiates, and more. Call today for your custom drug testing panel available at our drug test patient service centers in Oregon. What does it mean for the panel? Generally, most employers test for five categories of drugs plus alcohol. The five drug categories are marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine/meth/x, opiates/heroin, and phencyclidine. alcohol is tested for using a separate type of test. However, employers may test for additional drugs depending upon the regulations that govern their testing program.

Alcohol testing is available at our drug testing centers in Oregon. Is an alcohol breath test as reliable as an alcohol blood test? Yes, the breath used to measure alcohol comes from a place deep in the lungs where the chemicals held in the blood transfer to the breath. ETG alcohol tests are also available at our drug testing centers in Oregon.

If I smoked marijuana how long will it stay in my system?  Well, it really depends on many factors and no exact answer can be given. While low levels of second-hand smoke have shown up in a test, there is no known case of having enough second-hand smoke ingested into a person’s system to test anywhere near the positive test cut-off level. There have been several government-sponsored research projects over the years confirming that finding.

Do Oregon employers have the right to require that employees be tested?  Yes, but a company in Oregon does have to do it fairly and evenly across the classifications of employees that require testing. Of course, an employee is also always free to resign from that company rather than be tested. It is very interesting that Oregon law doesn’t address drug testing, but does put limits on workplace alcohol testing. Oregon has no law addressing drug testing in private employment. Oregon law does regulate an employer’s right to test for alcohol. An employer may test an applicant or employee for alcohol only if the person consents to the test or if there is a reasonable suspicion that the person is under the influence of alcohol.

In Oregon, for alcohol testing the employer may conduct reasonable suspicion alcohol tests or when the individual gives consent to be tested; the device must be NHTSA approved and conform to 49 CFR part 40; the employer must pay for the test.

On-site or instant drug testing is allowed in Oregon but the employers actually conducting on-site tests must register with the Health Division of the Department of Human Services and pay a registration fee of no more than $50.00 and use an FDA-approved device only.

Employers can save money in Oregon with drug testing specifically with post-accident drug and alcohol testing. A compensable injury does not include an injury where the major contributing cause of which is demonstrated to be by a preponderance of the evidence the injured worker’s consumption of alcoholic beverages or the unlawful consumption of any controlled substance, unless the employer permitted, encouraged, or had actual knowledge of such consumption.

In Oregon, unemployment can also be denied based on a positive drug or alcohol test.

There is no provision in Oregon law to require an employer to accommodate the medical use of marijuana in any workplace.

Do you need a drug test today in Oregon, if yes, National Drug Screening can assist you with one phone call. Do you need to test your teenage children for drugs, our drug testing centers can help you today in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Medford, Gresham, Aloha, Four Corners, and in all other areas of Oregon. ETG alcohol and hair testing is available at all of our drug testing centers.

Drug Testing and alcohol testing in Oregon

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