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Drug Testing for Individuals in New York

From Buffalo to Rochester to Queens, Manhattan, Long Island and the Bronx; individuals can order immediate drug testing anytime day or night. Whether for probation, divorce, court ordered, child custody or any other personal reason, you can order your drug test today. Immediate service is available with fast results and affordable pricing for both employers and individuals.

Drug Testing for Employers

Whether you see a need for establishing a drug-free workplace or are seeking guidance on drug testing procedures in New York, National Drug Screening is here to assist. In today’s fast-paced work environment in the Big Apple, maintaining a healthy workspace is crucial for safeguarding both employee well-being and organizational productivity.

It is very important to note that employers in New York are prohibited to test both current and prospective workers for marijuana. Employers should speak to their drug testing vender to drop marijuana from their drug testing panel. Contact National Drug Screening for consultation and expert assistance. 

However, employers do have the right to take disciplinary action against employees who are under the influence of marijuana while on the job, even if there is no explicit policy in place prohibiting its use. This includes situations where the employee shows clear signs of impairment that affect their ability to perform their duties effectively and interfere with the employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work environment, as mandated by state and federal occupational safety and health laws.

A research study by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) approximated that employers in New York suffer a staggering loss of nearly $81 billion each year due to employee substance abuse. Discover how to prevent drug-related productivity loss in the Empire State:

  • Identifying the Best Type of Drug Test for Your Needs in New York
  • Professional Drug-free Programs in the Big Apple
  • How to Verify Drug Test Results in New York
  • Effective Drug Testing Services: A Summary of Essential Information in the Empire State
  • Access to Local, Reliable Drug Testing Services in New York


To successfully navigate through the process of screening employees for drugs in New York, it is crucial to understand the different drug testing options available in local facilities. Urine drug testing is widely adopted in the state due to its noninvasive nature, cost-effectiveness, and accurate results. Additionally, hair follicle tests provide extended detection windows for long-term drug use in the bustling city.

A common challenge faced by organizations in New York is ensuring the accuracy and reliability of drug test results. Employing Medical Review Officers (MROs) for third-party result verification, engaging SAMHSA certified labs for quality control, and utilizing Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry technology are effective steps taken to confirm the accuracy of drug test results in the state.

Providing employees with continual education on the detrimental effects of drug abuse can be a proactive solution to maintain a drug-free workplace in New York.

National Drug Screening is your professional choice for all drug testing services in New York. 

Professional Drug-Free Programs in the Empire State

We offer comprehensive drug-free programs designed to cultivate a safe and healthy environment for employees to thrive in New York. These programs encompass policies, procedures, and educational initiatives that actively discourage substance abuse in the workplace in the city.

Workplace drug-free programs go hand in hand with drug testing services in New York, working in conjunction to help maintain a drug-free environment. Organizations can face challenges in implementing effective drug-free programs in the state. One important step to address this challenge is to involve top-level management in promoting and enforcing the policies consistently throughout the organization in the New York area.

How to Verify Drug Test Results in Local Labs

Different methods can be utilized to confirm the accuracy of drug test results in New York. Utilizing Medical Review Officers (MROs) for third-party result verification is a crucial step in confirming the validity of drug test results in the state.

Ensuring that the labs utilized for drug testing in New York are SAMHSA-accredited and that cutting-edge technologies like Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) are employed enhances the reliability and accuracy of drug test results. This GC/MS method is also called confirmation testing. A common issue faced by organizations is related to improper storage and handling of samples, resulting in contaminated or compromised drug test results in New York. Implementing strict protocols on sample collection and storage procedures can help mitigate this problem and ensure accurate results in the state.

Regularly reviewing and updating drug testing policies in New York in alignment with the latest regulations can help organizations maintain compliance and accuracy in drug testing procedures in the Big Apple.

Effective Drug Testing Services: A Summary of What You Need to Know in New York

A well-structured and effective drug testing program is essential for providing a safe and drug-free work environment in the state. From selecting appropriate drug tests to conducting them at suitable locations, organizations need to pay close attention to every detail in New York.

One common pitfall organizations face in drug testing is relying solely on one type of drug testing method in the state. To address this issue, organizations should consider implementing a combination of testing methods to ensure comprehensive coverage and accurate results in New York.

Local, Reliable Drug Testing Service in the Empire State

The central aim of drug testing in the workplace in New York should be to instill trust and efficiency. Embracing a drug-free workplace policy today ensures the success and longevity of any organization in the state.

Contact us now to kickstart the process and establish a drug-free workplace environment that promotes well-being and productivity amongst employees in New York!

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