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Our drug testing facilities in Maryland are open daily. Drug testing is available for court-ordered programs, probation, legal cases, divorce, child custody, and required testing for colleges and universities. Urine drug testing, hair drug testing, oral fluid drug testing, and ETG alcohol tests are all available at our drug test centers in Maryland. Click here to find an immediate testing location in your area.

Maryland law allows employers to drug test applicants and employees. Maryland permits all types of employee testing and job applicant testing. On-site testing is permitted for pre-employment testing only. For all instant testing, lab confirmation, and review by a medical review office are required for all non-negatives.

Some designated safety-sensitive in Maryland require drug testing. Maryland occupational safety and health regulations require employers with safety-sensitive employees to undergo mandatory drug testing that must meet DOT and Maryland drug testing regulations. The following positions are deemed safety-sensitive: crane operators, signal persons, riggers, and crane operator trainees.

Employers in Maryland have an opportunity to deny workers’ compensation insurance claims when the accident was caused solely by the intoxication of the covered employee while on duty. In addition, employees are not entitled to compensation or benefits if the accident was caused solely by the effect on the covered employee of a depressant, hallucinogenic, hypnotic, narcotic, or stimulant drug; or another drug that makes the covered employee incapable of satisfactory job performance; and the drug was not administered or taken in accordance with the prescription of a physician.

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Drug testing is available in Maryland for divorce, child custody, probation, personal reasons, and your job or school. 

Drug test panels available:

  • 5-panel urine drug test
  • 5-panel urine drug test plus MDMA (ecstasy), Plus 6 am, 10 panels + MDMA (ecstasy) + 6 am urine drug test
  • DOT drug test
  • 10-panel urine drug test plus urine alcohol test, and many more including hair drug tests and ETGalcohol tests.

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