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Immediate drug testing is available through National Drug Screening services. Drug testing centers throughout the United States meet or exceed both state and federal compliance laws. National Drug Screening has drug testing centers available throughout the state of Louisiana, and immediate drug testing is available for school, work, paternity testing, probation, and court-related issues. Tests are performed on urine, saliva, or a strand of hair.

Test results are valid and accurate. Drug and alcohol test results are available immediately, and the results are sent via email, airmail, or fax. Whether drug testing is personal, private, court-ordered, or not, National Drug Screening offers testing through the services of an MRO or medical review officer. The results of any and all drug testing are confirmed as being negative or positive by an MRO. Companies will know instantly whether or not an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Louisiana state law allows pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, random, post-accident, and return-to-duty testing, but only by certified laboratories. Test results may be used for discipline or discharge. An employer, however, may, but is not required to, give an employee who has a positive test that is certified by the medical review officer the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation without termination of employment. An employer may perform on-site screening for employees or applicants. However, no “negative consequences” (such as termination or refusal to hire) may be taken solely as a result of such screening. Louisiana employers have options to deny workers’ comp claims if an employee tests positive after an accident.

National Drug Screening services help companies find the answers they need, so they can hire the people they can trust. Individuals who are unsure about the paternity of a child can know right away whether or not a child is their biological son or daughter. National drug screening delivers immediate blood testing results so everyone can move forward to the next stage in their job, career, and personal life. National Drug Screening uses state-of-the-art testing software and equipment in every phase of testing, eliminating even the slightest possibility of error.

Companies with a drug-free workplace policy in effect risk considerable liability if their employees are not tested randomly for drug use. For this reason, many companies enforce a random drug testing policy in which employees are mandated to participate. Simple urine tests can reveal whether or not an employee is taking drugs or has taken drugs. Hair drug testing, urine drug testing, oral fluid drug testing, and ETG alcohol testing are all available in Louisiana.

Most drugs are untraceable after a certain period of time which is why we offer the most advanced drug testing solutions, such as the 5-panel hair test. We utilize all the major drug testing facilities, complete with collection sites. Laboratories we use include Quest, Clinical Reference Labs, LabCorp, MedTox, and Alere Toxicology. Government, city, and state employees may be required to submit to a DOT consortium drug test. This is particularly true of employees who drive commercial motor vehicles.

Drug testing centers are located throughout the united states, and many are close to your workplace in Louisiana. Individuals can visit any of the convenient locations during a lunch break or on a day off or anytime. Immediately, following a negative drug test result, the summary is sent via mail, fax, or e-mail. all testing information and results are safe, secure, and confidential.

Being eligible for discounted worker’s compensation insurance is one of the greatest benefits of implementing a work-free workplace policy. Companies that implement a drug-free environment are protecting the safety and well-being of the company and the employees. Scheduling a drug test is as easy as picking up the telephone and dialing our toll-free number. Individuals, workers, or administrators can make an appointment for one employee or a group of employees. On-site, mobile, or point-of-collection testing is available in all areas of Louisiana.

Hope for medical marijuana legislation getting through the Louisiana legislature died in 2014 when a senate committee quashed on Wednesday (April 30, 2014) the best shot of setting up a medical marijuana industry in the state. Before adjourning the 2014 legislative session on June 2, the Louisiana legislature took a modest step toward sensible marijuana policy by passing legislation that reforms the way Louisiana treats a misdemeanor cannabis possession charge for someone who is on parole. On June 12, gov. Bobby Jindal signed the legislation, which went into effect on August 1.

In Louisiana, an MRO is required in the drug testing program. All results of drug testing shall be reported directly from the laboratory to a qualified medical review officer (MRO).

Companies are eligible for free drug consultation services that teach them how to implement a drug-free workplace and the benefits of doing so. National Drug Screening is much more than a testing center. We are a company that helps other companies get the most out of their business and employees.

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