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National Drug Screening has drug and alcohol testing centers available across Illinois in all local areas. Immediate testing is available with one phone call to 866-843-4545 or Order Online. National Drug Screening provides services to individuals and to employers, for all types of drug testing. In local areas and in larger cities drug testing is always available – Chicago – Aurora – Rockford – Joliet – Naperville – Springfield – Peoria.

Call for pre-employment drug testing, DOT drug testing, court-ordered drug testing, probation drug testing, and all other personal drug tests. Our services are accredited and provide legally defensible drug test results reviewed by a medical review officer (MRO). National Drug Screening offers the most competitive prices in the United States. You will not find better service or better pricing for your drug testing.

Employers can save money by setting up a drug-free workplace program in Illinois. Workers’ compensation denial law requires compliance with DOT LIKE drug and alcohol testing best practices. The workers’ comp presumptive denial law allows employers and insurance companies to deny claims when the employee tests positive after an accident. This means if you test positive for drugs or alcohol you might be denied your workers’ compensation benefits.  It must be demonstrated that intoxication is indeed the “proximate cause” of the worker’s injuries or that the employee was “so intoxicated at the time of the injury that the intoxication was a departure from employment.”

A separate law exists that mandates and regulates drug testing by public works employers. Illinois law the drug-free workplace act requires employers with 25 or more employees who are awarded a state contract or grant for more than $5,000 to have a drug-free workplace program in place. The program must meet specific requirements provided by the state.

The goal of a drug-free workplace and substance abuse policy is safety and to create and maintain a work environment free from the adverse effects of using drugs. A drug-free workplace has five components – policy, employee education, supervisor training, access to employee assistance programs (EAP), and drug testing.

Illinois has medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, however, an employer may establish and enforce a drug testing policy. Employers may not discriminate due to a patient’s medical marijuana status but the law specifically allows employers to drug test and discipline for violations. The written policy is important to protect the employer from liability.  An attorney should be consulted when finalizing a drug-free workplace policy.

For employers, there are no state statutes, regulations, or known court decisions that would limit your choices for implementing a drug or alcohol testing program or any aspect of it. Testing is your choice, but there may be federal rules to consider. DOT regulated companies must have a drug-testing program.

Drug testing in Illinois should be conducted carefully:

  1. All collection and testing will be conducted in accordance with national labor relations/collective bargaining agreements if applicable or rules established by the federal Department of Transportation and the regulations issued by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  2. Every collection of a sample will be a split sample collection.
  3. An appropriate document (chain of custody) will accompany every sample collected.
  4. The sample will be labeled in a manner to preclude erroneous identification.
  5. Every employee will have an opportunity to provide information the employee believes relevant to the test process including currently or recently used prescription or nonprescription medicines.
  6. Sample collection, storage, and transportation will be performed in a manner to preclude contamination or adulteration.
  7. All chemical analyses will be performed in accordance with nationally scientifically accepted analytical methods and procedures.

Drug testing for spice, K2, and bath salts are expensive but available. EtG testing for alcohol is popular for court-ordered testing. Hair testing is offered for a 5-panel test up to a 17-panel hair drug test.

When you need fast and professional drug and alcohol testing in Illinois, call National Drug Screening at 866-843-4545 or Order Online.

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