Alcohol EtG with 10 Panel + Exp Opi Drug

EtG Alcohol test with 80 hour look back period plus a 10 Panel Urine Drug Test: AMP-Amphetamines (MAMP-Methamphetamine, MDMA-Ecstasy), COC-Cocaine, OPI-Opiates (including heroin 6 AM, codeine, morphine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, and Oxymorphone), PCP-Phencyclidine, THC-Marijuana, BZO-Benzodiazepines, BAR-Barbiturates, MTD-Methadone, PPX-Propoxyphene, Meth – Methaqualone.

EtG is a direct metabolite of alcohol (ethanol). In urine it may be used to detect recent ethanol ingestion, even after ethanol is no longer measurable. The presence of EtG in urine is an indicator that ethanol was ingested and can be detected in urine for up to 80 hours after ingestion.

10 PANEL MDMA/EXP OPI + ETG 500 (28958N/725230/3596)

Price: $145.00(each)